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  • Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 18:28:04 -0700

I'm writing to tell you all about a new development.  At AAPB's recent meeting 
I was told by Francine Butler that the Foundation's Directors had agreed to set 
up a tax-deductible donation "pass-through" fund, which will set up a fund for 
assisting to the European Neurofeedback certification effort.

The initial meeting will require travel to a face-to-face meeting in mid-May, 
and the volunteers doing all this complex and important work shouldn't have to 
shoulder all their expenses.  The group is a wonderful mix of neuroscience 
educators, institutional researchers, and clinicians, with a breadth of 
applications represented (from SCP to Gamma, and Fourier/wavelet, to ERD/ERS).

The European ISNR chapter has appropriately not involved the membership society 
in the certification, but is facilitating it administratively, as seen below. 
BCIA will support this effort, though the new group will create their own 
blueprint and examination, to match their local regulatory situations.   There 
are many reading this post that believe they are supportive of a well done 
certification... and this is the opportunity to not only support Certification, 
but also get a tax deduction for supporting our field.

To date, Thought Technology has donated travel expenses adequate for one 
member's attendance... and I've gotten this tax deduction proposal accepted, to 
help all of us get more leverage from our funds.  Neither ISNR nor AAPB have 
funded any of this with member's dues, as is appropriate, though both groups 
are supportive in principle of the independent effort (just not with principal).

You can all read below more details about this group... which includes 
Gruzelier, Klimesch, Doppelmayr, Strehl, and ISNR-E's President, Juri Kropotov 
... these people come from the highest levels of institutional neuroscience in 
the world... with the wise counsel of Wytze van der Zwaag's clinical 
perspective, and both solid academic training and energy of Dr. Edwin 
Verstraaten (who has won plenty of student scholarships for papers over the 
years from SNR).

I'd love to see the roughly 2,500 that their meeting will cost them in travel 
and hotel bills raised through this tax-deductible mechanism, and would like to 
see the other vendors help through this mechanism as well, as this 
certification steering group remains independent and science-driven.  
Individual small donations will be great... but some charitable "angels" (a 
business term) are needed... is there someone with a donation that is large 
enough to be used as a "challenge" grant?  Is there anyone you want to ask to 
match your donation?? Are you a member of a forum or list that didn't get 
this??  Is there a smaller meeting you are attending locally where you could 
announce this??  Are you the silent behind-the-scenes type that wants to know 
how to do this without making a big scene?

The future is ours to invent, and now we can even deduct it!  Let's hear your 
ideas, and see your actions speak with clarity too!!  The steering group 
nomination mechanism is seen below too, as this is a representative process to 
work within.

I applaud this effort to establish a current neuroscience based curriculum and 
certification in Neurofeedback, while matching the myriad weave of regulatory 
jurisdictions that comprise the extended modern European community.


PS: Donations can be sent through the AAPB office, made out to " The European 
Certification Steering Fund"

The European Chapter of iSNR needs your help to identify committed candidates 
who are willing to lead an effort to produce requirements for establishing a 
European Certification Program on EEG Biofeedback.

E-iSNR does not intend to be a certifying body itself. Nevertheless, having 
recognized the increasingly importance of certification credentials to a great 
portion of its growing membership, the Chapter wishes to facilitate the 
development of a European Certification Process on EEG 
Biofeedback/Neurofeedback by taking the initiative to form an independent 
Certification Steering Group.

The Steering Group on EEG Biofeedback Certification would be charged to:

  a.. Review and address the applicability of existing certifications options 
to a European Certification Program; 
  b.. Consult with appropriate organizations regarding standards, criteria, 
licensure requirements and mechanisms for certification; 
  c.. Identify certifying body or bodies; 
  d.. Develop the program's structure; 
  e.. Outline timetable for implementation; 
  f.. Outline curricula and define competencies for EEG 
Biofeedback/Neurofeedback providers; 
  g.. Develop a plan to promote the European Certification Program amongst 
interested parties; 
  h.. If possible, create economic models for funding of an independent 
certifying program. 
Self-nominations are encouraged. ISNR membership is not required. 

Please send name, contact details and any other information in support of 
nomination, such as qualifications, previously held appointments, relevant 
affiliations, connections with key organizations, and nominee's views about an 
European certification. 

Please note that the ability to meet the time commitment for participation in 
the steering group's activities and a strong commitment to serve in the public 
interest are essential.

The Steering Group is to be chaired by Wolfgang Keeser, Ph.D., to whom 
nominations are to be addressed. Please submit nominations in electronic format 
to nominations@xxxxxxxxxxx

Responding to this Call for Nominations is your best chance to actively 
participate in assuring that the best people are involved in this endeavor. 

The group currently consists of the following researchers/clinicians: 

Chair: Dr. Wolfgang Keeser, licensed Clinical Psychologist 
Prof. Dr. John Gruzellier, Imperial College London, UK 
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klimesch, University Salzburg, Austria 
Prof. Dr. Juri Kropotov, University of Petersburg, Russia 
Assistant Professor Dr. Michael Doppelmayr, University Salzburg, Austria 
Assistant Professor Dr. Ute Strehl, University Tuebingen, Germany 
Dr. Edwin Verstraaten, University of Brussels. Belgium                          
                  Dr. Wytze van der Zwaag, licensed Clinical Psychologist 

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