[wineeg] WinEEG 1.4 timing patch

  • From: "David E. Myer, Sr." <damyer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 06:06:14 -0400

>Valery Ponomarev did two helpful things. First, he suggested I put the 
>system into the "oscilloscope" EEG display mode, because that is less 
>CPU-intensive than the fully scrolling display. This had the immediate 
>benefit of being able to "keep up" with the data stream. It had the 
>disadvantage of not allowing use of the little annotation marks [e.g. EO, 
>EC, HV, and others] that are available when running the scrolling mode.
>The second thing he did was a code revision of WinEEG with greater 
>attention to speed so that "success" wouldn't require the use of a 
>specific CPU + operating system combination (the ver 1.4 "fix" [first 
>paragraph] runs correctly only on a Win 98SE and Dell 900MHz Optiplex)**. 
>His revised code may permit the same machine to run properly in scrolling mode.

**This is misleading. Of the four types of machines we have available here, 
the one Valery suggested we try was this one. It appears to be true that 
some machines will not even exhibit this problem while others might be 
affected even more severely.

I would also like to inform the group that Valery's response was 
interested, quick, and helpful.

Dave Myer
Boston Neurofeedback

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