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  • Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 05:50:16 -0700

Hi Andreas

I own an older version of wineeg w/ the data base and I am considering upgrading. However, I need some more information to make my decision.

I use Nxlink, Nrep, and Neuroguide. Each of these programs will make topographic maps that show the deviation of the patient from the norms in z score units.

How will new wineeg show deviation from the norms and what unit of measure will it use for the deviation from average? Will the new software be able to make z score maps? All the above databases give tables showing the deviation from average in raw score and z score units. Will the new wineeg be able to do that?

The version of wineeg I use now, only gives a normative data base report using weighted average montage. Will the new database have normed scores in linked ear montage?

This is important because we don't usually do biofeedback w/ all 19 channels and weighed avg needs the whole 10-20 system to work. with linked ear norms, we could train with the same reference as the database z scores. Also weighted avg coherence scores are not of much value b/c the montage removes much of the shared activity between adjacent sites while linked ear a reference does not do this.

Also- are there norms for the actual go-no go where the patient's scores (correct, error of omission, error of commission, timing, etc) on the go no go is compared to that of the norming groups? This would be very useful as it would give a measure of attention as well as the measures of the EEG associated with attention.

Best wishes

Robert Lawson

Müller Andreas wrote:
Dear Jon
With WINEEG and Psytask you have all: GoNogo task vis, auditory, reading. 
Maths, all with norms for spectra (absolute power and relative power), for ERP 
and even for the components (P1, P3b, p3a, P2, P2H). In this moment there are 
norms from 7-16. In praxis the component analyse helps extremely. In one or two 
month we expect to bring out new database from 7-87 with many more statistics 
and 1000 healthy subjects in.
If you have some questions about database write me.
Next week, (17.-21. April), there will be a workshop in London (see www.qeeg.co.uk). All the best
Andreas Müller

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Go-No Go tasks used in P300 paradigms are essentially the same as the
continuous performance tasks that people with attentional problems tend to
fail... right?

If so, can anyone tell me about a software and/or hardware solution that
will allow me to record P300s during a continuous performance task that
has decent norms for people ages 55-75?

I understand WinEEG/Mitsar has a P300 function but... could someone remind me if it is also a continuous performance task with norms?

I hope it is forgivable if I'm forgetting something Drs. Kropotov and Ponomarev have published directly relevant to this question.

Jon Frederick
Quietmind Foundation
Lafayette Hill, PA

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