[windows2000] svchost.exe - INCOMING over internet connection

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 18:08:06 -0500

I understand svchost.exe can be corrupted by MSBlaster.  Likewise the Welchia 
Worm attacks 
Svchost.exe.  With that in mind if svchost.exe exhibits error, a virus such as 
MSBlaster or Welchia 
Worm would be high on the list of suspects.

In the most general of terms I understand svchost.exe plays a role in 
organizing the DLL's needed to 
run various applications.  

With that little bit of knowledge I would suspect that the activity of 
svchost.exe would be confined to 
matters internal to my stand alone computer.  However, in setting up Norton 
Personal Firewall on a 
Win 2000 Pro (SP2) box I opted to receive Security Alerts, I am receiving a 
great number of alerts 

       Protocol TCP (Inbound)"
      "is attempting to access your computer"

Almost every time this happens, a new popup screen appears and this time it is 
another computer 
trying to access mine and NPF says to Block it.  I block these, Intuitively I 
think these should be 
blocked, however NPF recommends Permitting it to access the computer.

Which should I chose?  

If there is material on the subject please advise.  Google reveals several 
articles, but what I have 
read either describes the role of svchost.exe or how to get rid of the various 
virii which attach that 
executable. I can't find anything that describes a relationship between 
svchost.exe and accessing via 
the internet.


Hazen Woods
Austin, TX USA
eCS and Win2k Pro
what a combination

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