[windows2000] Re: help, I have stuffed it

  • From: Chris Coleman <Chris.Coleman@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 15:36:38 +0930

The easiest way to troubleshoot smtp email problems is to pretend to be an

Start by using nslookup to get the address of the MX record. Eg:


You should get a response something like:

  Default Server:  mailsvr.mydomain.com

To exit out of nslookup, type:


Telnet to the mail server on port 25. eg:
C:\> TELNET 25

The mail server should respond with a message identifying itself and telling
you that it's ready. Sometimes it takes a few hits of the Enter key to get a
response. If there's no response, your servers smtp service isn't running.

Once you've got a connection, you need to say hello to the mail server. Type
the following:


The mail server should respond with "OK". Now you can tell it who's sending
the message. Type the following:

MAIL FROM:TEST@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The mail server should respond with something like: "OK - mail from
<TEST@xxxxxxxxxxxx>". Now you can tell it who you want to send the message
to. Type the following (with the appropriate email address):

RCPT TO:USER@xxxxxxxxxxxx

The mail server should respond with something like: "OK - Recipient
<USER@xxxxxxxxxxxx>". Now you can tell it what message to send. Type the

This is a test

The full-stop on it's own line terminates the data and the message is sent.
You can then close the connection:


You can then check your email account and see if you received the message.
If you were able to send it (as above) without getting any errors, but then
didn't receive it on the server, there's probably something screwy with the
mail routing setup on the mail server. Often though you'll get an error
message talking to the server that gives you some meaningful troubleshooting


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From: Steven Clark [mailto:steven.clark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Saturday, 21 September 2002 7:14 PM
To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [windows2000] help, I have stuffed it

Having decided to merge one domain into another I have moved all files/users
and so on across. I am desperately struggling to get the email working. I
can send mail from the domain without problems but it will not receive.

My mail server has a number of different domain names. all work without
problems and all are configured in the same way. After adding the new domain
in the usual manner it will not receive email. MX records are all set up to
point to the mail server.

I can only think that somehow the main exchange server still thinks the
other domain exists on the network and will not accept the email, the mail a
literally just vanishing.

I have turned off the old domain server and restarted all the boxes, also
starting to think that a career in knitting may be more my thing.

Has anyone come across this before as i have been struggling for 4 days????

Thanks in advance

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