[windows2000] Re: Windows XP causing broadcast storm on network

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 09:53:59 -0000

The Blaster and Welchia trojans cause that sort of result. If you haven't
applied the security patches there's every chance that all your machines are
now infected.

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Subject: [windows2000] Windows XP causing broadcast storm on network 

I'm hoping someone has an idea of what's causing this annoying problem! 

We have a 20 user Windows 2000/XP (about 50:50 mix) network that ran with no
problems until someone bought in a laptop with XP Home installed.  The
moment it connected to the network all connections and internet connection
went down.  Pinging any PC on the same switch worked, but not to a different
switch.  Looking at the lights on each switch in the path from this laptop
to the router, the lights were flashing like mad.  Disconnecting the laptop
got the network back within 30 seconds.

We took the laptop out of the network and thought no more about it until we
put some new computers in.  We now have 3 XP Pro PCs and 2 XP Home laptops
that are doing the same thing.  They seem to set each other off - 2 of the
PCs were fine for a few hours until the other connected, now any of the 3
cause the network to stop working.  All systems are using DHCP from a
Netgear FR114P router, which then NATs to a broadband connection.

Sounds a little like a virus, but we installed Norton, with updates, and it
picked up nothing. 

Any ideas anyone?  I haven't got a traffic sniffer, but if you know of a
good free one that might give some clues. 



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