[windows2000] Re: Windows Vista officially released to Manufacturing!

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Speaking of which, I just saw in the latest issue of the Swedish computer-mag
Mikrodatorn that Windows Longhorn Server will be available in a slimmed-down
version w/o a GUI, dubbed Windows Server Core. It would be ideally suited to
simple tasks as being a domain controller, file-, dhcp, dns-server! The Core
version would have a CLI only, and be accordingly faster. 
I foresee that there will be some basic 3rd party GUI:s for those that can't
live w/o a GUI.
I've been thinking about this for a while now, when MS would give us a non-gui
server-os. And apparantely it's time now. Supposedly MS is doing this to meet
the *nix/linux competition, all of which can offer a non-GUIed os for
server-applications like web-server, that don't really need a GUI.
Administration is to be done from client-machine or some such via MMC and/or
directly on the CLI on the Core-machine. Scripting-knowledge will be a great
help in dealing with this later.
I'm so game for this, in fact I can't wait till it becomes available! In the
long run I assume this will also prolong the lifespan of the server-hardware
we have with maybe five or so years at best, as there's no GUI to deal with.
Unless the hardware breaks down of course...


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You heard it here first...

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