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  • Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 17:35:59 -0700

Is there anyway to disable the USB 1.x ports?

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>The problem is this - Before the driver upgrade, any usb device would work
>on any port. AFTER the upgrade, only the usb mouse will work on any port.
>Plugging in ANY other USB device will make the computer instantly freeze.
>Even if i unplug the mouse and plug into the port the mouse was in, it will
>freeze. If you reboot, it will freeze at the Windows XP logo screen. If i
>unplug the usb device and plug the mouse back in, everything works again.
>Everything i have found on the net about USB freezes say that its
>a conflict
>issue. One USB controller shares an IRQ with the video card, the other
>shares with the hard drive controller. The problem is - You cant change
>them! Nowhere in the BIOS will it let you change them and in the resources
>tab of the device properties, all the stuff to change settings is greyed
>Any ideas?

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