[windows2000] Waaaaay OT: Baseball scoring

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 08:46:40 -0400

Another one of those "Ask-the-smartest-group-available" OT questions...

Anyone score baseball games?

When scoring a Pinch Hitting substitution where the player remains in
the game to play a field position, do you list the player twice on the
score card (once for the Pinch Hit, and again for the new field
position) or only once (and the field position is implied)?

For example, from last night's game, Trot Nixon started in Right Field.
During the bottom of the 7th, Gabe Kapler came in to Pinch Hit, and then
remained in the game at Right Field.

Do I list that:
Trot Nixon    RF   1
Gabe Kapler   PH   7
Game Kapler   RF   8

Or like this:
Trot Nixon    RF   1
Gabe Kapler   PH   7

Just trying to be accurate... I've done it both ways over the years...

Also, anyone know of a good, cheap, PocketPC Baseball scoring app?  I
use K-forCE currently, but am always open to new options...

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the OT post... 

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc. 
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