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May be both.   But let's address the non-LAN issues.  QuickTime, especially
any version before 5, is a CPU pig, eating up all available CPU.  This tends
to interfere with other software running on the machine - such as PCAnywhere
that you need to get the video off of the machine.  I had a similar problem
with Softricity drivers getting locked out too much when QuickTime is
running.  This is solvable by playing with priorities, either manually each
time, or via some add-on software I am fond of (see my website).



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We are looking at showing a live presentation at a remote building (still at
LAN speeds - Gig backbone, 100mbps to the desktop), simultaneously having
streaming video of the presenter via QuickTime on top of remote control
software (at this time, PCAnywhere, XP/2000/NT version) showing the
accompanying PowerPoint presentation . The results have been less than
spectacular. The problem comes in when the PP presentation has video content
within it. Are we overrunning the capabilities of PCAnywhere, or is the
constraint on the PC hardware end?

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