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Yeppers... That's how I found out about it, was BBSing in high school in
'90.  I keep forgetting that it really *wasn't* another lifetime, it just
feels like it.  I, too, ran a BBS in Colorado Springs, and used Telix to do
all my .point work and to connect to other non-Fidonet boards.  My ex has
all that stuff, and way more (if he still has it all), including a PDP-11
that I got to work and use as a sequencer.  The bad part is that he got my
Vic20 with all my custom programs from when I was just a kid.  What did they
call us back then?  The Atari Generation?

I'll never forget seeing an old Bull 9000 throw a disc though.  When I left
Colorado Springs 5 years ago, that disc was still embedded in the wall.

Ah... Good times!


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I used to use Telix over 20 years ago when I ran a BBS here in Cleveland!
Best term emulation software out there for scripting. I had an 80 meg hard
drive back then. It was a monster and costed $4000 at the time to get.  I
still have the drive and even have about 800 5 1/4" floppies that have all
the from it I had on my bbs, I am sure the older dos versions of telix are
on them. That is if they are even readable now.  Even back then I was the
download and file King of the world! Gosh that makes me feel really old..the
fond memories of Dos 3.31.  Windows was only a twinkle in Bill Gates eyes
back then.

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