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how about if you "don't" have KIX?  Can this be done with a simple batch file 
as well?

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If you are using KIX, you can put this in their logon script.  This works well 
in an Active Directory environment.  Create a group for each printer.  Add the 
people who need each printer to each group.  Put a line in the KIX script like 
this (which will also delete the name of the old print server from their 

if ingroup("NameofPrinterGroup")

            DELPRINTERCONNECTION ("\\OldPrintServerName\PrinterName")

            ADDPRINTERCONNECTION ("\\PrintServerName\PrinterName")



If you add this under the Add statement, you can also set their default 
(everybody in the group gets this though)


Hope this helps


Jesus Loves You


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I am looking to replace our existing NT print server for 10 printers. We 
connect our users manually to the printers. Once I complete the replacement I 
was wondering if there was any was to connect my users to the printers without 
having to sit at every desk and manually connect them. The new server will be 
running windows 2000 server with Active Directory. Can anyone give me some 
advice on how to handle it and does anyone know of any immediate problems I may 



Thanks in advance...




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