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I'm afraid that I don't know how to do that (setting up a trust
relationship).  How do I go about doing that, please?


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> You will need to setup a trust relationship with their domain, so you will
> not have to manage accounts for your users on both domains.
> Brian
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> Subject: [windows2000] Pointing to a secondary WINS server, outside of
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> I work for an agency that is a part of a larger group.  However, we are
> separate, both in function and physically.  For the most part we are
> separate from them.  Since our function is unique and due to the fact that
> we have to satisfy funding requirements that are separate from the larger
> organization, we have separate things like our own network, etc.
> But, we're still a part of the larger organization, which also means that
> our payroll comes through them.  They use a product called Kronos, for
> clocking in and out.  In our case, we used a web browser in order to clock
> in and out.
> Well, they have changed the means by which this authentication occurs, and
> now we have to have an account on their network (which we never have
> needed
> before).  I just spoke with some of their network techs and they told us
> that we have to have both a Novell NetWare and Citrix account.
> Furthermore,
> they said that we need to add their WINS server to our Windows 2000
> servers,
> in order to make it possible for Kronos to authenticate us.
> I don't know how that is going to work.  How do we point to a server that
> is
> not on our network, and make it an auxiliary WINS server?  And what about
> our own network and all of our external customers, who do not have
> accounts
> on their system and never will (they are not employees of this
> organization).
> Rod

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