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  • From: "Chris Ruggeri" <cruggeri@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:25:58 -0700

Hi Group,
Advanced apologies for off topic post....
There is a position open in our company for an experienced network
admin/tech and MSSQL DBA( certification not necessarily required). Most
of the needs for this involves field work and teaching trainers/techs
how to configure and support. Interested parties can E-mail me resume
and/or questions personally @ cruggeri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Salary negotiable based on experience...

Location is Angel Fire, New Mexico ( A resort ...skiing, fishing,
hiking, golfing) ....a small town and pretty remote....nearest larger
town is about 2hr drive (Santa Fe.....if you wanna call that larger).

We sell law enforcement software, just beginning to utilize MSSQL as a
backend and using remote tools for accessing data (PDA projects, VPN,
Term Services.....) Coinciding with this, we have always ended up
supporting networks to a certain degree because we have a network
application; however, we have always claimed not to support
network/hardware. We now realize with a more complex backend and
configurations involving data residing on servers that need the ability
to access information remotely, we are going to have to be more involved
in the client side.

Good Points  - owners/managers very hands-off when it comes to doing
your job - they will tell you what they need and you get it done or tell
them what they need to get it done( I guess that is good or
bad...depending on who you are :) )

 Great opportunities for advancement - Lots of opportunities exist for
new product development and big contracts in our field @ various levels
...the more skilled we have....the more we can go after....which also
means increased salaries for those involved in such projects.

Bad Points - New Mexico generally ranks among the poorest in the
union....definitely reflected in the wages out here ..... I would say if
you would not consider the benefits of living @ a ski/golf resort part
of your salary, you would most likely be disappointed.

 - because we are a small company ....you would not be a fulltime
network admin or DBA ....as stated above, a lot would be
consulting/troubleshooting Network/Database for agencies, teach
installers/techs on installation troubleshooting procedures, work on
enhancing our current product by taking advantage of current technology
and assist in future product development. 

Thanks for the indulgence on the off topic post.



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