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I take it then that Cleveland is where AA was founded?


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I'm from Cleveland too, the part of it known as Akron ;)


- Bob Coffman

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        What cracks me up is that 95 percent of the people who say they
are from Cleveland, don't actually live(and never have) in "Cleveland"
they live in one of the suburbs where it is much nicer. They just say
Cleveland because no one knows where Westlake, Garfield Heights, Parma,
etc is.  


        I for one though can truly say that I DO live IN Cleveland on
its west side. 



        "Charles R. Buchanan" < wrote:

                With all things considered, I'd rather be in the
Philippines with a
                whole bunch of honey ko's, but as far as San Diego and
Cleveland, I'd
                much rather be in Cleveland. :-)
                On Sat, 04 Dec 2004 08:33:18 -0500, "Mark Mucher" had
this to say:
                MM> What's the matter with you, Charles?
                MM> Don't you know that Cleveland's a good place to be
                MM> (I should know, I grew up in Hudson and am in sunny
Florida now...)
                MM> Mark

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