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That did it!!  


Thanks for all of the responses.  I had a feeling that Jim was being
facetious. :-)  Hope some of you guys enjoyed the trip down memory lane,
remembering the 'good ol' days'!  Again I appreciate the help.  You guys
sure know your stuff!!!


Have a great weekend.



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Here it is mate.





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msdn subscriptions download - they still have wfw 3.11 too, which is a
wonderful complement to DOS.

btw, I think Jim was being facetious...

On 9/9/05, Ron Leach <rleach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I'm going to exhaust all of the free options first :-) 


Sorry about the 'no subject'



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What is it worth to you? I am sure I have some amidsts the hundreds of other
floppies laying around here.  


Ron Leach <rleach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am looking for some DOS 6.22 installation disks (can you believe it?).  I
can find system disk stuff but not the installation.


Can anyone help?









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