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Don't need a virus scanner just go to 
and download and run the fix tool.
I bet you have it if you haven't applied the patch. 
Jim Kenzig

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No, no SSL.  The Citrix boxes are behind the firewall and not accessible =
from the outside.  We don't have AV software on the Citrix boxes yet so =
haven't been able to verify the presence (or lack of presence) of the =
worm but hope to do that shortly.  We're McAfee on all our other servers =
and I've been hesitant to install on Citrix given problems reported by =
other Citrix shops that have had problems with McAfee and the fact that =
users aren't saving files of any type on these servers.  Nimda has made =
me rethink this strategy, however. =20

tx...  carl

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