[windows2000] Re: How do I remove old OS

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  • Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:01:37 -0000

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> >thats what i was thinking.  So when a person dual boots, is there =3D =

> >basically two registry files or will I have some registry=20
> problems if=20
> >>I just delete the windows folder?
> Yes, there are two seperate registries, make sure you delete=20
> the win98=20
> folder and not winnt.  Once you do this, you will no longer=20
> be able to boot=20
> into windows 98, only win2k.  I still recommend wiping it out=20
> and starting=20
> over though, you'll have way less problems.  Windows=20
> installations have a=20
> tendency to interfere with each other.

There is no need to format.  Just delete the Win98 directory and remove
the Win98 line in c:\boot.ini (this is a hidden system file).

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