[windows2000] Download Pick of the week - VMWarePlayer Community Virtual Machines

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 20:42:06 -0800 (PST)

You've by now heard of the FREE VMPlayer from VMWare that allows you to run any 
VMDK virtual machine without purchasing VMWare but the VM community has ramped 
up and created several PRE-Built virtual machines for the VMPlayer (that also 
work on Workstation, GSX and ESX) and they are now available for download:

  You'll find AST Linx, Fedora, Dam* Smaill Linux and more!
In case you haven't played with the FREE VmwarePlayer check it out at:

VMWare has also made available a free Prebuilt Browser Appliance virtual 
machine that you can download and use. 
  Be sure to check out my new virtualization areas on Thinhelp.com which was 
just launched......
  Links http://www.thinhelp.com/links_showsub.asp?cat_id=9&cat=Virtualization
  Downloads http://www.thinhelp.com/dl_showsub.asp?cat_id=9&cat=Virtualization
  Forums http://www.thinhelp.com/fhome.asp
  Jim Kenzig
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