[windows2000] Re: Delete Utility

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  • Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 07:11:39 -0500

Hi Steve,
If this is just a one time thing, what you could do is just do a search in
Windows Explorer for the directory name that contains files you want to
keep.  After they're all displayed, cut and paste them above the root of the
directory from which you want to start traversing and deleting.  After
they're safely moved, do a search for *.zip and delete all the results.
Then move the directories back.
Ray at home


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Hi Guys,


Anyone know of a freeware utility that allows mass deletion of files based
on a criteria that will include exclusions of directories?


Basically, I need to delete over 50Gb of Zip files on one of our file
servers with hundreds of deep directories, but exclude zip files within
directories with a particular name (or which there will be hundreds).


I have just spent over an hour on google but didn't find anything that even
came close to providing this functionality.


Thanks for any help.


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