[windows2000] Dead/dying server (maybe)

  • From: Neil Bullock <n.bullock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 14:49:59 +0000 (GMT)


Seem to have a slight problem with a Win2k domain controller.  I'm hoping 
can shed some light on it. 

This is a server which was upgraded from NT4 (I had no say in the matter, 
It's a domain controller, but holds none of the FSMO roles, and isn't a 
global catalog.  It's part of a domain which has just one other domain 

Up until a few days ago, it kept restarting for no obvious reason.  The only 
way we'd know about it would be that when we went to use terminal services 
on it, it popped up a loading your personal settings box.  There were no 
bugcheck errors in the event log, so I don't believe it was any kind of 
stop error.  There were, however, logs stating that the previous system 
shutdown at whatever time was unexpected, so that points to a sudden loss 
of power, or something.  We suspected various things (UPS, which we swapped 
with another to no avail) and various applications/services, which we tried 
stopping (Apache, IIS, some Sybase thing). 

Anyway, it seems to have stopped playing that game in the last few days.  
now it just slows to a crawl.  Task manager claims System Idle Process is 
using 7% CPU, and nothing else is using any, so we appear to be missing 
93% somewhere (this happened on my home server once and it was a dodgy and 
extremely hot processor). 

Also recently, it's sometimes started taking people upwards of 3 minutes to 
log on to the network.  Just now, I tracked this down to the problem server.  
When people are logged on by it, and attempt to download the default domain 
profile, it takes forever.  I removed the profile, and it drops to 13 seconds 
for a log on.  This never happened when the other domain controller happened 
to log a user on - it was always quick. 

I'm pondering doing a Win2k repair from the CD or something, and failing that, 
starting to think about demoting it to a member server to see what happens.  
I don't really suspect anything any more.  I'm just confused now.  

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