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  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 02:16:52 -0700

OK, maybe it's just late, and I'm not seeing it - and it might make sense in the morning....

I have a computer here at home running Windows 2000 Server that functions as file and print sharing for the computers in the house, and also as a small web server for a couple family domains and E-Mail server for my family members. I want to run my own DNS so I'm not having to pay for that service to someone else. I have never setup a DNS server before, but I understand the concepts of what I DNS server needs to do.

My network gets several public IP addresses from my ISP (only using one for this purpose however), and I have a NAT router that is between my home network and the internet. My internal addresses are all 192.168.1.x non-routable addresses, and of course the NAT router is converting that to a public IP on the WAN side.

I have websites on several domains - for example (dummy names):

The intent is for the abc.org to have the nameserver for itself and the other domains. I figured out how to setup the nameserver IP address with my domain registrar for abc.org to point to my public IP address. I think I have figured out how to add the additional domains to my DNS server, but I not figured out how to tell what IP address should be returned (it should be my same public IP) when some computer requests the IP for xyz.org.

Like I said, it may all make sense after some sleep....

BTW, I have the advantage of several domains that are expendable - by that I mean it does not matter if they are dead for days, so I have domains I can "play" with while I get this all figured out.

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