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This was posted to the thin list in response to a question about the Linux ICA 
client.  Many of you on are members on that list as well but those of you who 
are not may find this very interesting.


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Check out http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder.  It's a "copy" of WinPE, but not.  It
doesn't have the same limitations as WinPE, but A TON more features.  It's
based off of Windows XP, and it boots from a CD or DVD.  I use it to boot
from a dead HD, or if I need to clone a machine with Ghost, etc.  There are
a TON of plugin's, even the Citrix 7.1 client.

Email me off list if you wish to attempt this.



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Here is what I am going to try: 

I want to use Linux (knoppix) boot cd to give out to our clients with a PC.

  Possibly no HD on the pc just a cd/cpu/monitor/kb/mouse. 

I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried this? 

I have 3 problems.  

I don't know any Linux :)
I don't know how to create the image. 
I am concerned about the client name.  I don't want to have 1000's of
machines with the same name and I would like to avoid creating each image
with a different name.

Any information or experiences would be appreciated. 


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