[windows2000] Converting fat32 to NTFS

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Hey all...
On a 36GB SCSIU2W with 22GB of data, how long should a conversion from FAT32 to 
NTFS take?

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Same Bind server. 
Unfortunately, I don't run the Bind server. I'll talk with the powers that be 
and get a response if anything looked weird.
Did not run NETMON, but will to see more.
Thanks for the leads. I'll let you know how it goes.

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The only change in 2003 re SRV publication that I can recall is that the 
default update interval is 15 minutes in W2K3 vs. 60 minutes in W2K. 
Some questions:
Is it the same BIND server that worked with W2K? 
Did you check the BIND logs? 
And if there was nothing there, did you run NETMON or some other network trace 
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From: Chris Flesher [mailto:cflesher@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [ActiveDir] Windows 2003 DC issue

We started playing with 2003 in our test environment. We came across a problem 
with how dynamic updates are done on 2003. Dynamic updates are done on a Sun 
Bind server. For some reason, the SRV records would not update on the Bind 
server. However, we can do dynamic update on 2000 DC to the Bind DNS. I'm just 
wondering if there is something new in 2003 with regards to how SRV records are 
created? Or maybe I'm just missing something completely. Any ideas would be 
appreciated. We ended up using 2003 DNS for the DC's. That worked, but isn't a 
representation of how production will be.  
Chris Flesher
The University of Chicago

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