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XP SP 1 Fixes it but there is also a patch.

I wouldn't get too worked up about it as they have.  It is not like I
couldn't write a page that would do it in any OS.

Just have to be careful where you surf and keep a good backup...that is the
only way to prevent this sort of vulnerability.


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I found this at the Register's US site.  I know many of you don't care =
for the register but it is an interesting article anyway.  It deals with =
a exploit in Windows XP that could cause an entire hardrive to be wiped =
clean.  Sounds rather scary to me.


>From The Register US:


Win-XP Help Center request wipes your HD=20
By Thomas C Greene in Washington <mailto:tcgreene@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>=20
Posted: 09/11/2002 at 08:28 EST
A malicious Win-XP Help Center request can easily and silently delete =
the contents of any directory on your Windows machine, we've learned. =
Worse, MS has rolled the fix silently into SP1 without making a public =
announcement. A good sketch of the problem in English, along with a =
harmless self-test, can be found here =
<>, thanks to Mike at =
http://unity.skankhouse.org, who did some tinkering after noticing a tip =
on a BBS.=20

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