[windows2000] Altiris or others for client management

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:21:39 -0600


I'm going to go off on a limb and investigate other Client Management
Soltuions.  I've frequently seen people mention Altiris here, so I figured
I'd ask and see what your experiences are.  I'm currently using SMS, but
it's got some limitations that I'm pretty much fed up with like:

- Software Inventory (SI) Accuracy - The software inventory process is
pretty heavy and due to the central database inputs, it freqently needs
intervention.  We use SI to do virus signature checking, executable
reporting, etc... the problem is that we don't get anything close to
realtime reporting.  That wish may just be a pipe dream tho.

- SMS Client - it breaks alot & it's difficult to remove completely (ie
we're doing custom scripts)
I could go on, but I don't want to bore you.

Anyway, if you could to tell me about your experiences with Altiris, I'd
appreciate it.  I'm looking to do Software distribution, Asset Management
(including hardware & software inventory), and Configruation Management.  

If someone is using something other than Altiris like Configuresoft, I'd
like to hear about that too.

Thanks a bunch,
Lawrence D. Nail
Member, Group Technical Staff
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Windows (r) 2000
Strategy Team
Helpdesk and Desktop Services
Texas Instruments Incorporated
 Email:  lnail@xxxxxx

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