RE: simocasting with winamp and the sam encoder

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Thanks Chris. I kind of had a feeling that it would work something like
that. Have you heard? The Mighty MushroomFM has awakened. They came back on
the air just yesterday at 2 pm eastern time, after being silent for almost
two years, 629 days to be exact. I'm thinking about possibly simocasting
with them to help spread the variety of music I play on my current radio
program The Best Of Yesterday and Today on ACB Radio Interactive. Its great
to know that we as blind people have a place where we can share our tallents
on the radio. It may not be the same as working for a traditional physical
station, but at least people get to hear us.


Rochester, NY.

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it certainly is possible, I do it all the time. The sam encoders allows you
to have more than one encoder set up, and shift plus f9 will let you connect
to them all, and shift plus f10 disconnects from them all. So just go
through the usual steps of setting up your encoder for each server you're
on, and just use shift f9 to connect, and shift plus f10 to disconnect from
them all simultaneously.

hope that helps.

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Hello fellow winamp users:

Is it technically possible to simocast using Winamp and the Sam encoder
plugin? If so, how would I setup sam encoder to do that? Thanks.


Rochester, NY.

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