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  • From: Jim Betz <jimbetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 01:18:05 -0800

  If the workstations are using fixed IP addresses then they
will use whatever gateway address is specified.
  If they are using DHCP then they still have to be 'forced' 
to do a "renew".  I'm not sure there is a way to force them
to do a renew dynamically - I've never tried.  And when they 
do the renew they have to get the new gateway address from the 
DHCP server.
  The net of all of this is that you need to do this with
sophisticated routing.  With a router which will 'hunt' for
an open path to the internet ... and that router being the
specified/DHCP'd gateway for the workstations.  I would guess
that having such sophisticated routing is probably well beyond
your company resources.
  You MIGHT be able to do this with several inexpensive routers
where the workstations all point at Router1, Router2 is connected to
one path to the WWW, Router3 is connected to the secondary path
to the internet - and Router1 is changed, on the fly, by you, to
point to either Router2 or Router3 depending upon which path is
currently working.  What I'm saying is that the workstations all
have Router1 as their gateway, and Router1's gateway is changed
from Router2 to Router3 by a person (as opposed to doing so on
its own).
  I guess you might find some software router that would 
accomplish what you want.  I don't know of one and I'd expect it
to be high dollar - certainly more than several inexpensive 
routers and probably about the same as a really expensive
router (I'm guessing somewhere between $750 and $2500).

  BTW - none of this is "on topic" for Win2K.  And no, I'm not
available for offline consultation on this topic.  I'm not a
router specialist.  You'd probably get better answers if you
asked on a forum dedicated to routing topics (search for Cisco?).


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