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Got this from this mornings issue of Lockergnome.  This could
come in handy!

Quick Hide Windows v1.0 [478k] W9x/2k FREE


{Hide icons and windows} Company coming over? Quick, clean up
computer's desktop. Only a geek would say something like that.
Well, this
program will help you. With what's sitting on your screen, that
is. It'll
hide your desktop icons and / or the stuff in your system tray.
It's not a
bad way to keep your system secure; a password lock is included
so that no
one will trip over those hidden icons. Hide windows at the mash
of a key --
when you're writing a letter to your beloved when you should be
working on
your homework. "You can even lock your computer with QHW instead
of relying
on a weak, easily-hackable screensaver password."

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