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  • Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 20:23:40 -0700

Thanks for catching the documentation error -- we changed the name at some 
point and didn't update the docs.  I'll forward that on.

Re: key linkage, you need to #include <initguid.h> in exactly one file and it 
needs to be done ahead of the header that defines the keys.  One strategy is to 
have one c or cpp file in your project (e.g. guids.cpp) that does nothing but 
include initguid.h and any headers that define guids and propertykeys, e.g.

#include <initguid.h>
#include <mmdeviceapi.h>
#include <propkeys.h>, etc.

Hopefully that helps...

Mitch Rundle
Microsoft Corporation

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Hi guys,

FYI, the documentation shows PKEY_AudioEndpoint_PhysicalSpeakerConfig, but the 
actual header declares it as PKEY_AudioEndpoint_PhysicalSpeakers.  (I am 
assuming that the meaning is synonymous?!)  Also, there is no linkage to the 
definition of the PROPERTYKEY itself (again EXTERN_C) -- so I've had to define 
it locally based on the GUID information from the header for now.


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