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Hello Ernie,


I have a portaudio based player. It is a test player, written in c# - partly
with the functionality I needed at the moment. It does multichannel audio
with waveformatextensible, through Asio, direct sound and wmme. In the
current version it uses  channelmask 0, but this  can be easily modified in
visual  studio.


I?ll gladly give you a copy if it fits your needs J




Best Regards



Bernt Ronningsbakk


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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some 8 discrete channel test audio and a corresponding
player that will allow me to test a filter driver.

I have attempted to use a Blu-ray drive and play with PowerDVD BD edition
that came with the player, but when booting into debug mode of XP, PowerDVD
suddenly complains about the video driver.
So this leaves me without the 8 channel audio that I am interested in...

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance,


Ernest L. Burghardt
Software Engineer
360-256-3239 (office)

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