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Hello everyone,

For those interested, I found the source of my issue.  It was the scheduler.  A 
schedule is assigned to a service and when you associate a person with that 
schedule, the system overrides the employee screen if the schedule service is 
different from their employee screen service, which makes sense if you have 
people who move around a lot.

The override effects the order header and items added to a bill in their name 
that I have verified, but I assume the change is anywhere that the person is 
referenced and a service can be assigned.

Thanks to all who responded!


On Nov 14, 2014, at 12:03, Russell Adkison <adkisrd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Jennifer,
> Auburn doesn't use the personnel scheduler, only the appointment scheduler.  
> When an order is opened through the scheduler, I believe the doctor and 
> service area / section is initially blank and has to be filled in by user 
> opening order.  When the DVM is entered, it populates the employee record 
> default, which is manually changed if that person is temporarily working in 
> another area, then the order is completed and opened.  I do not remember 
> seeing any pre-population of DVM or service area / section info when going 
> through the scheduler, though.  Hope this helps.
> Russell
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> Thanks for the quick return Deb!
> When they choose the attending vet, does it pick up the service by default 
> from the schedule or from the employee screen?  I thought it always took it 
> from the employee screen, but I've got one that is not reading it correctly.  
> I'm trying to track down why.
> Thanks again,
> Jennifer
> On Nov 14, 2014, at 11:18, Deborah Jo Watrous <djw22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Jennifer.
>> As far as I know, we can either go in to the employee screen (as you 
>> suggest) and change the default service for a period of time or change the 
>> attending service on each item added to bill.  When someone opens the bill 
>> order from the schedule, they have to manually enter the attending service, 
>> but I don't believe that this sets the default for the entire visit.
>> Hope that makes sense.
>> Please let me know if you have any questions.
>> Deb
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>> Subject: [vvcadmissions] question about UVIS admissions
>> Hello everyone,
>> I don't know if any of you can answer this question or not, but I'm trying 
>> to track down an issue with attending service assignment in UVIS and I think 
>> I've narrowed it down to an interaction with the schedule.  Do any of you 
>> know if UVIS overrides the employee service assignment if the bill order is 
>> open via the schedule screen (FDS0005)?  So for example I have a vet that is 
>> normally assigned to cardiology on the employee screen, but she is doing a 
>> rotation on medicine.  When the bill is opened through a medicine schedule 
>> where he is defined as a resource on the FDS0005 schedule screen, would it 
>> assign medicine or cardiology as the service? 
>> Thanks in advance.  Any help on tracking the problem will be greatly 
>> appreciated.
>> Jennifer

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