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Very glad you are now up and running. Pretty amazing, isn't it.
As to your suggestion, much head scratching has gone on in how best to
explain the way the virtual cables are used in this particular context. The
program does reci3eve signals from the music app indirectly, i.e. they are
sent by the app, and intercepted by the program on the way back to the
control surface. Maybe your suggestion might clarify this point, just as
I've got used to the other way of doing it.
In the short term, changing the button to be labelled so that the word Setup
comes first may be less confusing.



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Hi All,

This is a tentative suggestion for a change to the add-surface dialogue.

I was confused by the button called "Display MIDI setup".  I first 
thought that it meant "show MIDI set-up", which seems like an easy 
mistake that might cause confusion to others.   I think I now 
understand that it actually means set up MIDI for the surface 
display.   The distinction between hardware setup and display setup 
is not very clear.

My solution would be this:  instead of having two buttons, put the 
set-up process in a single dialogue with four selections, which, if 
I've understood this right, I'd call:
1. Output from Control Surface
2. input to Surface Reader
3. from SR to Music app.
4. From music app back to Control surface.

This might also help clarify the circuit.   I may have this all 
wrong, as it isn't clear to me whether SR can take output from the 
music app as well as from the surface.   If my circuit is right, then 
it can't, but is it?   and the names might be improved, but what do you





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