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It's been a long time since the last newsletter, but hopefully you'll think this
particular piece of news has been worth waiting for. If you've been confused by
the many terrain mesh sceneries available, here's a new scenery product from
Visual Flight that is very different, and genuinely in a class of its own.


VFR Terrain is the most detailed and accurate countrywide terrain scenery ever
released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it's much more than just a terrain

VFR Terrain sets a new standard in the quality of terrain mesh scenery and in
the additional features, giving unprecented terrain detail and accuracy for
default scenery users, with additional enhancements specially for users of VFR
Photographic Scenery.

The terrain mesh itself is generated from the most accurate countrywide data
available (Intermap Technologies' NEXTMap Britain, the most accurate and
detailed elevation survey of Great Britain ever), and is provided at the maximum
level of detail that Microsoft Flight Simulator can display (~19m in FS2002 and
~38m in FS2004).  The data itself is an incredible 5m resolution, compared with
the 90-100m data used by all other terrain sceneries for the UK.

Special attention has been paid to the representation of coastlines and lakes,
including almost 1GB worth of replacement photographic textures for VFR
Photographic Scenery users. Larger lakes and estuaries have been designated
interactive, giving you moving, reflective surfaces, and the option to land
float aircraft.  No other terrain scenery gives you this.

Accurate lake elevations and shorelines mean that 'lakes on plateaux' which
blight all other terrain sceneries are now a thing of the past - but only with
VFR terrain.

VFR Terrain is UNIQUE. Other terrain scenery products only include terrain mesh,
not all the other elements which are so vital in creating the complete scenery
solution, and none of them have the accuracy to closely match the detail in VFR
Photographic Scenery which is so essential to creating a convincing overall 3D


VFR Terrain sells for 29.99 UK Pounds and you can order direct from publisher's
web site:


If you're visiting the Fly show in London this weekend, you can get a copy of
VFR Terrain direct from the Horizon Simulation stand.  (Sorry that this
information is a little late coming - I wasn't certain of the information until

More information:



To get the very best flight sim experience when flying over the English and
Welsh countryside, you should use VFR Terrain in conjunction with VFR
Photographic Scenery. The way the two products work together produces a result
which is much more than the sum of the two parts, and has to be experienced to
be truly appreciated.  Screenshots, however good they are, simply cannot do
justice to the effect experienced when flying the scenery.

VFR Photographic Scenery is available direct from Horizon Simulation at just
17.99 UK Pounds per volume:


As always, your co-operation in buying direct (from Horizon Simulation in this
case), is appreciated.

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