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The stunning new Visual Flight London scenery is to be announced today at the
European Flight Sim Show in Solihull, and I will be there personally to give a
presentation in the main hall at 3:30pm.

Visual Flight London is  50 sq miles of custom designed 3D scenery for Central
London from Battersea to Docklands and beyond, including a detailed rendition of
London City Airport and over 7,500 custom designed buildings and features
accurately and individually positioned to give a complete cityscape scenery for

Please note: we will not be selling the scenery at the show, but you can find
details and purchase direct from Visual Flight by visiting the Visual Flight
London web site:


If you wish to attend the European Flight Sim Show, you can find details here:


Since the original preview announcement, we've extended the area covered from 32
sq miles to approx 50 sq miles, with the coverage area extending from Battersea
Power Station right through to London City Airport and even beyond, with
Dartford Bridge and the nearby Littlebrook Power Station as a bit of a bonus
feature on the run in to LCY runway 28.

We've added a superbly rendered London City Airport, with high res ground
textures and 2004 layout including the new runway extensions and loop over the
dock side.

We've added a superbly detailed and accurate helipad to the top of the Royal
London Hospital, Whitechapel. This is the home of the Virgin HEMS London
Ambulance Service, and we're pleased to say we've had superb information and
co-operation from them in developing the helipad and surrounding scenery.

We've increased the number of individually custom designed 3D models from an
original 5,000 to an amazing 7,500 individual models, most of which have been
individually placed on the terrain to follow the lie of the land (as opposed to
using the almost ubiquitous flattens seen elsewhere).

There's so many new and improved features that we can't even begin to describe
them all, but suffice to say that updating the web site to match the product
will be a major work in itself!

An early release version was made available a little while ago to meet a
Children's in Need challenge (we made it with 20 minutes to spare!), but we
wanted to fix a few minor problems before announcing the release proper.
Nevertheless you can read comments and reactions from early users of that
version and see some of the amazing screenshots posted by users (far better than
we could do!).


VFR Terrain and/or VFR Photographic Scenery (IMPORTANT!)

For this version of Visual Flight London, you *must* have either VFR Terrain
*or* VFR Photographic Scenery (Vol 1) or both.  It will not work with the
default Microsoft scenery alone.  If you currently have neither of these, but
don't want to miss out, the cheapest option is to buy VFR Photographic Scenery
Vol 1, which you can get online from Horizon Simulation for just £14.99 inc VAT
and delivery (see links at end of this email for details).  You can also obtain
VFR Terrain from the same source if you want to get the very best out of Visual
Flight London.


Yes, this scenery works with FS2004 *and* FS2002, so no need to miss out if
you've not bought FS2004. The scenery works equally well with FS2002
Standard/Pro editions, and with the original FS2004 or the FS2004 Update.


The download version of Visual Flight London is available now. The CD version
will follow shortly, hopefully within a couple of weeks.

* Download version - 23.5MB - Available now: £19.99+VAT

* CD version - Coming soon - £24.99+VAT

Post and packaging is £1.99+VAT to anywhere in the UK, or £3.99+VAT elsewhere.
(VAT is not normally charged for orders to non-EU addresses).

Payment methods

You can pay for via SWREG (the oldest established online software ordering
system) or PayPal, which is especially useful for those with an existing
account, or anyone wanting to exploit the different payment options it offers.

However, we'd very much appreciate it that if you have a choice, you choose to
pay via PayPal if possible on this occasion.


Go to http://www.visualflight.net/london/buynow.htm

Click the PayPal or the SWREG button then follow the instructions on the
subsequent pages.  If you want to see what options each payment system gives,
just click the relevant button and take a look - there's no commitment to order
until you get further into the ordering system.

Please note: Visual Flight London will not be available in the shops.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me  at
john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or post a message on the Visual Flight London discussion



VFR Photographic Scenery by Visual Flight

VFR Terrain by Visual Flight

RIAT Fairford scenery by Visual Flight and Landmark Sceneries (same team as
Visual Flight London)

Scotflight Scenery published by Visual Flight

Nick Ryall SW England Scenery published by Visual Flight


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you would like to change your list settings. please visit the Visual Flight
Mailing List web page:


John Farrie
Visual Flight
27 Nov 2004

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