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Hi Paul
I've given the installation below 2 goes but i am having no joy and am about to deinstall and forget it. However, I am prepared to state my problems here and hear your comments before installing. I have tried login using my Facebook e-mail address and my password for same. It does not want to accept this. Apart from all the rubbish something or jother knowledge and protecting children I am then lead to somewhere on the web where I get instructions because I am unable to login and this is directing me to go to my Facebook through Firefox, incidentally, I use Internet Explorer and then it wants me to go to my Settings on Facebook and to change a setting in Accounts. I'm afraid the whole thing defeats me. Anyone else had problems similar or anyone installed the application like a dream and up and running?

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Hi All,

I want to tell you about a handy little program called "Chit Chat for
Facebook". It's a kind of instant messenger designed to work with Facebook
and using it you can avoid having to log onto the actual Facebook web site
to carry out conversations with your Facebook friends. You can even write on
any of your friends wall provided they are on-line at that time.
Once you have first set up a Facebook account and have some friends or
family members present in your Facebook profile you then install the Chit
Chat software from the following link;


To now begin using the chat software;

1. first open up the Chit Chat program using the icon which will be on your desktop. Just press enter key on it or if you are a mouse user, double left
click to open.
2. When it opens up, you will be asked for your Facebook details such as;

*. User name which is generally your email address.
*. Your Facebook password.
Note: Both user name and password are those you used when setting up your
Facebook account.
3. Use the tab key to jump from field to field when typing in the above
4. Tab over to the "Remember my details" checkbox and check it using the
5. Tab over to the "Log-on button" and press the spacebar.
Notes: It can take a few moments to log in so be patient.
6. When you log-in successfully you should have the following layout working
with your tab key to move from place to place on the Chit Chat screen;
*. Press the tab key once and you have "Tree view, On-Line". This is where
you can arrow up or down to see which of your friends are on line. It will
indicate to you the number of people currently on-line and using the arrow
keys you can arrow to any one of them you might like to chat with or even
write to his or her wall.
After identifying one of your friends you wish to either chat with or write to their wall using arrow keys, do the following to begin the chat session;

1. Press the application key on their name which is usually the third key
out from right of the spacebar or keys, "Shift + F10". You will have the
following choices in this menu;
*. *. Send Message.
*. Recommend Chit Chat for Facebook.
*. Write to friends wall.
*. Send Mail.
*. Show chat history.
2. Press enter key on "Send Message". Once the new message screen has come
up, press the tab key till you arrive at first the name of the person to
whom you are going to send a message too then press tab key again and you
are in the edit box where you can begin to write your new message.
3. Once finished writing up the message, press the keys, "Shift + tab" twice and you will be on the send button where you press the spacebar to have your
message sent to your friend.
Important: Once you have pressed this button the message has gone and you
can't take back what you have written so be nice to each other,*smiles*.
4. Whenever your friend replies to your message you will hear a sound effect
indicating to you that there is a new message for you. To jump into the
messages list box, press the tab key a number of times till you first reach the edit box where you typed in your message and now press tab key again and you are in the chat list box where you can see what you have written and by
arrowing down you can also read what your friend has written back to you.
5. To send him or her another message, simply press the keys, "Shift + tab"
once and you are back in your edit box where you can now type in a new
message in response.
6. Press the keys, "Shift + Tab" to jump onto the "Send now" button and
press spacebar.

That's all there is too it, practice the above and have fun trying it out.
If you wish to write something on your friends wall;

1. Arrow to the friend you wish to write to their wall.
2. Press the application key.
3. Arrow down to write to friends wall and press enter key.
4. Straight away you will be placed into an edit box where it says "write a
message to your friends wall", begin writing the message.
5. Tab over to the "Send now" button and press the spacebar to complete.
That's it, you're done.


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