[vip_students] Re: Talks and Transfering Sound Files from PC

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 02:34:03 +0100

Joan Ann
first of all I am very stupid.  Secondly thank you I have succeeded in the 
task.  Finally I regret to say not through the route you told me.  I followed 
you to the letter as you know and I could not find them.  The strangest thing 
ever is that when I tried again I could not reproduce your route.  My phone 
said Data Transfer On so I selected that.  It then went on about something in 
Memory that could not be stored so I accepted that too.  Then I found some 
folders and one of them was Digital.  I went in to that and identified some 
current ring tones and pasted mine in.  The first time I tried and pulled out 
the plug so to speak, I got a warning that my data had not been saved as I did 
not do this correctly.  I was disgusted.  Then I am a great one for 
perseverance so had to go through the wretched thing again.  Worse still I had 
turned off the computer.  I thought next time I will reproduce your route but 
again this did not happen.  I went in to digital folder in any case and pasted 
by files.  When I looked for them in Profile I just could not believe it, there 
they were and what's more to prove it to myself I was able to change the ring 
tone to the one of my choice, Soldier's Song.  Then I tested it and it was 
simply brilliant.  Sorry Joe Ann that I was unable to reproduce your route but 
I managed anyway.  You gave me the confidence to give it a go.  I am so 
delighted with this Talks and the phone.  Up to this I've had a mobile for 
about 7 years and all I could do was make a call.  Now I am doing so much with 
this one in a few days.  I need to get on to learning how to text now and I am 
then well away.  I will do that next week as I have study I need to get back to 
instead of playing with my new phone but once my assignment goes in and while I 
am waiting to start training with my new dog, I will consolidate the text 

Thank you once again.  If you know how I transfer pictures too I would 
appreciate learning that Joe Ann.  I would want to transfer them in both 
directions.  It would be easy to work out once I know how to transfer to the 
phone then I would do the same in reverse so to speak.

Now I want to know how do I stop the phone telling me the date each time I 
unlock the keypad?

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  Hi Eleanor
  My digital folder was empty too until I put ring tones into it and, now, when 
I go to profiles and go to select a tone to use, they show up for me.
  They should show up as the names they were originally called on your computer.
  What kind of files are they?

  Joan Ann.

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    Joan Ann I followed exactly what you told me to do but I cannot find my 
ring tone and message alert on profiles.  Maybe I am not looking in the right 
place.  I definitely copied my files to the Digital folder but I was a little 
worried at the time as there did not seem to be anything else in that folder. 
Should I have identified them by name or what?
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      Hi Eleanor
      This may sound a little complicated but, I will try my best to explain 
this procedure to you.  
      I am using the e51 with talks but, I'm pretty sure the procedure for the 
n95 is similar.
      Firstly, you need to install a program called Nokia PC suite on to your 
computer.  The version I am using is  There is a later version 
available but, I find this version quite accessible with jaws.  The 
installation is straight forward.
      The next step is to attach your phone to the computer using the USB 
cable.  PC suite will start installing the driver for your phone.  This could 
take up to 5 minutes so, it is best to just let the computer work away on its 
      When this has finished, you should launch PC suite from the desktop.
      Now, as I am using jaws, I press insert and page down and it tells me 
that "nokia e51 connected via USB".  I think this message is located towards 
the bottom of the screen.
      Now, given that you are successful in connecting your phone, you do the 
      1.  Find the ring tone and message alert that you want to use and copy 
them to the clipboard.
      2.  Go to windows explorer and under the list of drives, you should see 
one that says nokia n95 and select this.
      3.  Here, I get a list of 2 folders, phone memory and memory card.
      4.  Choose phone memory.
      5.  You now have a folder called Data so select this.
      6.  In this list of folders, there is one called sounds so, select this.
      7.  In this folder, choose "digital".  We will paste the files into this 
folder.  You can now disconnect the phone.

      Now when you go to profiles on your phone, the ring tone and message 
alert should be available for you to use.

      I'm sorry this is so long and I really hope it makes sense.  Feel free to 
ask questions.

      Joan Ann.

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        Hi All
        Does anyone know how I can transfer two files (ring tone and message 
alert) from my PC to Mobile.  I will do this using a USB cable and have 
installed the necessary mobile phone software on to my PC so am all ready to go 
if someone can write out for me the various stages.  Once I have the music in a 
folder I then want to know how to put it in the ring tones folder, likewise 
with the message alert.  Now let's face it folks, I don't ask for much!!!!!!!!! 
 My phone is N95 but I guess it is the principal of the thing.  Brian has told 
me he has not transferred like this though I am aware he has a N95.  Actually 
maybe one does not even need the software when transferring files though now I 
am probably being stupid.  I hear sighted people talking about dragging and 
dropping which is the same as cutting and pasting so we must be able to do this 
with Talks.


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