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Hi Yvonne,

Just to add to what Paul has said perhaps try routing the JAWS cursor to the
PC cursor by holding down the Insert key (0 on the number pad) and minus
(third key up on the right of number pad) when on the link.  Then just
ensure that you are on the link by arrowing left or right with the 4 or 6
and then clicking it with the left mouse button which is the / on the number

Note: you must have the num lock off when doing all this.

Try this and see how you get on,


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Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply. This is an e-mail I have received from someone else.
ENter doesn't activate the link and when I press the applications key I
don't get an open option, just cut, clear etc.

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Hi Yvonne,

Is this email which contains the hyperlinks a message you received from a
colleague, friend etc?. If not is it an email you yourself are drafting up
for someone?. If you received this email from someone else then yes, using
the enter key on it should activate it and bring you to the web page it
links to. If on the other hand you wrote it up yourself and are testing it
out then it is possible that it has not set itself up correctly. What you
can try and do is;

1. arrow down to the line which has the link on it.

2. right or left arrow to the  link address and then press the application
key on it.

3. Usually there will be an "open" option in this menu so hit enter on it.

See if that works for you.



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