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Hi Eleanor, 

Sorryy, I addressed you as Petrina earlier.  Better not make that mistake 
tonight when I'd be out with the wife, I assure you!!

Just to sayy thanks for a very comprehensive report by you of your training 
with the NCBI and Fas.
Interesting about online too!

By the way we better not forget the hurling tomorrow!

As if we could!

All the best,

Tony Sweeney
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  Hello Tony,

  Since my last e-mail regarding the ECDL course that I undertook in FAS, 
Limerick, I forgot to mention how I pursued this. Anyway, I did my training 
with Jaws through NCBI, Limerick, then it was suggested would I like to try a 
ECDL course with FAS, although nobody did it at that stage.  Therefore, met the 
supervisors in Multi Media and from there we worked together to set up a 
accesible way of working with Jaws.  Then realising there was difficulties at 
the beginning because I was the only one that did  know about Jaws in FAS, the 
way it worked for me was that I got test papers, firstly started with word 
andthe test paper each time were very similiar and from there the supervisors 
and I  worked together, for example anything I was not  sure of regarding word, 
excel etc i worked out about 95%  , although knowing about the computer before 
my vision impairment meant alot 

  I have been listening to  the  e-mails, from the list and I believe their 
suggestions would give you a opportunity to pursue the  ECDL, and working with 
this list has given more understanding of Jaws.  I would hope that FAS would 
enforce this mmore, and I am in contact with FAS in Limerick and hopefully this 
will be a continual opportunity for blind people to access.

  Kind regards,

  Eleanor McLoughlin

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