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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 14:01:46 -0700

I thought I would post something good to add to the tough topic I just 

Our work and training has really expanded over the past year. Besides 
working as my guide dog, Thane now does a lot of in home tasks

-opening and closing fridge, cupboards, doors as needed
-handing me items for putting in washer
-training with putting items in basket
-undressing assistance
-hearing alert to timer which is more than 95 percent accurate

There are some other things at home and in public that are coming along as 

Though right now is more about giving him rest and healing time, I am really 
happy with our accomplishments as a team. He has taught me to check my own 
self when he is a bit too high drive or reactive. More times than not, I am 
the culprit. Its awesome to have found that Thane can actually have a 
lighter harness pull afterall.
I know we will have some work to do once he is really abck to himself again, 
but its OK because I have seen a glimpse of what we can accomplish.
Its been a busy year!

Karyn and Thane

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