[va-richmond-general] Baltimore Oriole in Powhatan

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A male Baltimore Oriole has been visiting a residence in eastern Powhatan for 
several weeks now, and is becoming a regular at the feeder.  More recently, 
what appeared to be a female was also sighted briefly at a distance, sitting 
with the male, high in a nearby tree.  At the end of a long, drooping branch in 
this tree is an oval nest made of what looks like grass, horse hair, and a 
synthetic fiber resembling plastic strips from a tarp or feed bag.  Aside from 
a couple of brief exploratory visits from Brown-headed Cowbirds,  no activity 
has been observed at the nest, and the bird which is believed to be the female 
was last seen just over a week ago.  The male is still being seen most days.  
Snapshots of the male and the nest in question are attached.

Of note - the feeders the male is visiting supply a nut & berry blend and 
berry-flavored suet nuggets.  Apples and oranges have also been provided, but 
he doesn't seem to be interested.

Kim C.

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