[v-webmail] Vwebmail/multiple servers & a few issues

  • From: "Mark" <mark@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 17:14:02 -0700


I have v-webmail setup and working wonderfully. (Fully customized template
set & all.)

It rocks. No other way to say it.

I've setup about 4 different servers that can be accessed via my login page.
The server v-webmail is running on is using Courier, and works like a charm.

The problem is with all of the additional servers. Whenever I log into them,
folders show as INBOX, INBOX.Sent, INBOX.Trash, INBOX.Drafts, etc...

On the first server, they show up fine... it's only on the other boxes.
Configuration options are the same & the correct folder type is specified. Any
ideas? Conversely, one of these is UW-Imap & the rest are courrier. I thought
it might be because I'm setting the default Sent/Trash/Drafts, and these are
different for uw- (sent-messages, etc) but I've removed the default setting
and still get this. I also get it on the other courier installs.

Additionally, it would be great to be able to specify differet user
preferences based on the server in local.servers.conf. I haven't looked too
deeply into this.. so I may be missing something.

The last problem I've noticed it that when specifying multiple signatures
under seperate identies, the signature order seems to get reversed. Also, when
switching the identity in the from: field the signature doesn't automatically
change... it just stays with the default signature.

If anyone has run into these & knows the fix let me know.



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