<USS Lovisa> Prelude to a Walk

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Moonshadows had fought bravely, and only the disruptor burn stopped her blind 
rage.   Her friend was shot, shot badly.   The away team had beamed her 
directly to sick bay, leaving Moon and the villagers - confused and 
noncombatant - 
to represent Sivao.

The renegades had faded back into the woods with the only humans remaining 

Zel saw the injury and in spite of Moonshadowsâ protests, had the transporter 
take her directly to Sick Bay.

Moon was to upset for even her standing joke about her tail, always wrapping 
it around her so it did not get lopped off during beaming.   She shimmered 
into the Sick Bay.   She looked around for the doctor, and there, on the 
which had all of itâs lights off, saw the lifeless form of Starseeker to 
Ennien lying.   She felt her chest go all hollow, her tail drooped, her 
slumped.   Rational or not, she felt responsible.   She had been in command of 
the Away Team and there had been deaths.

She allowed Doctor Enpeecee to patch her up, listlessly.   She did not care 
that her coat would be scarred, she did not care about anything.   SHE was the 
one who would have to face Starseekerâs mother, Stormwalker to Ennien.

She debated beaming down, but instead called the captain for permission.
   With his permission, she had the body wrapped in plastic and took an 
Emergency response anti gravity cot and beamed down to Ennien.
The village had watched, but none intruded.   Moonshadows found her way to 
the tent of Starseekerâs mother, and formally announced herself, telling 
Stormwalker of the tale of the death.

The elder was so shocked, she simply accepted the body.   She would let her 
grief out with family.

Moonshadows left the tent, unloaded the pitiful remains of her friend and 
walked into the bush, singing a lullaby to comfort herself.

She had the ship beam back the cot and beamed point to point back to the 
embassy compound.

There, Joy and Zel had come to a decision.   To be able to aid in the 
discussion in council about the invasion, they would need to be accepted as 

They had found three youngsters , Always Late, Tangle Foot and Fetches Water 
preparing to Walk. They convinced the three to let them come along.

Outsiders very rarely Walked, and this would leave Joy, Zel and Moonshadows 
as the only recognized adults from Lovisa, possibly complicating things for 
negotiations later, by senior Lovisa staff.

Moon gave then a briefing on what they could and could not take, wished them 
a formal âmay you walk in peace, and arrive as adults.â

The young Sivaoan turned and walked away, lost in grief. 

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