<USS Eagle> "Surprise Encounter"

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Subject: Surprise Encounter
Date: 2/7/2007, 8:55 AM
From: Jazmine Mergahn <jazmine.mergahn@xxxxxxxxx>
To: ussathena@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, CaptFyrstk@xxxxxxx


     Jazmine looked over to the pilots seat where Dhivael sat.  Noticeing that the Eagle just arrived at the coordinates,  "Arrain Dhivael.  Have you plotted a course yet?"
     "Ie Rekkhai.  A course has been plotted that will take us to the coordinates the Athena sent as a rendezvous place."
     "Excellent.  Erei'Riov Ronov, are we ready?  All supplies packed?"
     "Ie, Rekkhai," Ronov responded.  "We are ready."
     "Good.  Contact the Eagle.  Let them know that we are about to jump to head out."
     Ronov turned to the console beside him. "Toira to the USS Eagle.  We are ready to engage."
     Less than a minute later the voice of Commodore Fyrstk came over his comm. "Very good, Toira.  Proceed and we will rahght behahnd you.  See you in the Beta Quadrant."
     "Thank you, Eagle," Ronov responded. "Captain, the Eagle is ready."
     "Good.  Arrain, take us out.  Jump to slip stream as soon as you can."  Jazmine, shifted positions in her seat, wanting to be flying the thing instead of just giving directions.
     Dhivael nodded.  She turned to the computer console, input a few keys, and the Toira engaged.  As soon as they were at warp one, she commented, "Engaging armour, preparing to slip into slipstream."
     Jazmine only relaxed slightly in her chair as the runabout slipped smoothly into slip stream.  It would take them about a half hour, but to Jazmine, it would feel like an eternity.
     "Does anyone want anything to drink while we wait?"
     "I am fine, Rakkhai," Ronov stated from the console he was at.  He was keep ing sensor tabs on the Eagle, and the slip-stream corridor itself.
     The Eagle had jumped into the corridor a split second behind the new runabout.  Lukas was getting regular reports from his officers at the performance of the smaller ship.
     "Dhat rekkhai."  Dhivael responded as well.
     "Okay."  Jazmine stood up and went over to grab a ginger ale from the replicators.  She returned to her seat and tried to relax.
     "We are just about at the rendezvous coordinates rekkhai."
     "Thank you.  Drop out of slipstream."
     As the Toira drops out of slipstream, they find themselves in the middle of 4 Enclave ships.  None of the ships currently have their weapons powered or shields up.  It was as if it was as much a surprise to them as it was to the Toira.
     The minute the Toira dropped into normal space the sensors alarms sounded of, and the ship automatically went to red alert.  Ronov checked his readings.  "Evasive maneuvers! Captain!  Four Enclave ship off the starboard bow!"
     Immediately changes the speed and direction of the runabout, which was highly maneuverable.  Mutters, "Where the areinnye did they come from?"
     The USS Eagle dropped into normal space and was within 500 kilometers of colliding with one of the egg-shaped Enclave ships.  "Evasive!" Lukas ordered.


Commodore Lukas Fyrstk
USS Eagle

Captain Jazmine Mergahn
USS Athena

Erei'riov Ronov tr'Daelk
USS Athena

Arrain Dhivael t'Radaik
USS Athena

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