<USS Eagle> "Aggression" Sim of 120307

  • From: Rayne McCloud <raynemccld@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 14:37:50 -0400



    Yes, I have been lax in sending out the sim recaps.  Sorry about that.  And I am also sorry for missing the sim on 120314.  I was out at a meeting, and it will likely happen again, next month.  The second WEdnesday is the meeting night for this group, Unites States Coast Guard Auxiliary, that I was pulled into.  So, my apologies, in advance, for sims that are missed.

Present: Captain McCloud, Commander Jorel, Commander Vanik, Lt. Commander Hart, Lt. Banning & Moonshadows to Enien
NPC: Armand
Stardate: 66042.23 (01/16/2389, 10:00 hours)

    As supplies are prepared, to take down to the survivng inhabitants of Tronng, the Vastar fleet opens up comms with the Eagle.  They're demands are simple, "Leave."  That is until they see that Prince Armand is aboard.  Then they attack.


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