<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Sim chatlog 0407.15 (informal char development sim)

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 23:19:51 EDT

VAdm Blackthorne:       Night Halcyon!
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Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Staying up till four watching queer as folk DVDs and
working 9 hours don't mix
ElRiov trIdrys:         nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        now I'm watching I love the 90's again
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        lol
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        1997
Victor Andros:  New episode
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        giga pets!
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I would've died today if I had rehearsal.  Life just 
to pause for like three days.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        I had like seven of them
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Dr Sara Kaelyre:        HI CY!
ElRiov trIdrys:         And hopefully tonight we have a new episode of Star 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Evening Cy
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hey everyone.. sorry about last week, I had a surprise
meeting witha realtor
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        I had a dog a cat a panda a godzilla thing a korla
ElRiov trIdrys:         buying or selling?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Buying.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Jack and I are in the process of moving to Hawaii.
Victor Andros:  Tel's away message says she's sick, so I guess this is it.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Yeah, she's been really sick for the past week.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Hawai'i ... I so envy you guys
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        thank heavens for coppertone. lol
Cyanah Kaelyre:         It's certainly a charming way for a girl to start 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::blinks::  You got married?  :-X
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        She's engaged
Cyanah Kaelyre:         I've been engaged since February, and we're buying a 
together, so that pretty much seals it, huh :)
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        where have you been?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ok I need caffine
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Oh, I knew she was engaged.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I thought you'd already got married.  
Cyanah Kaelyre:         AFter we get settled in.
ElRiov trIdrys:         We have engaged the Borg. The wedding will be Friday
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        we took season two back today and they had season three 
Another QAF weekend
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I bought Voyager Season Three.  ::drools::  One of my
favorite seasons.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ok the dog is dragging a rube sock and the cat is 
after it
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        *tube
Victor Andros:  Alright, I'll be honesy with everybody.
Victor Andros:  I had to close the store last night, then get up this morning
to take my dad to the airport. I had an exam this afternoon, so i'm really in
no condition to run the sim.
Victor Andros:  How does a nice character development sim sound?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        as long as we sim :-D
ElRiov trIdrys:         sim sim sim sim sim
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::nodnod::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       That could work.
Victor Andros:  Commander, the people have spoken.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Yes sir!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         TWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::@@::
Victor Andros:  Alright, we're waiting for the Romulan &quot;delegation&quot;
to come &quot;escort&quot; us to their interior.
Victor Andros:  ++Get Simming++
Victor Andros:  ++Get Simming++
Victor Andros:  ++Get Simming++
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::over sleeping::
Victor Andros:  ::pacing in front of the central seat::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::ditto::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (The Ally dancing baby!! LOL sorry still watching I love
the 90s. lol)
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::standing at tactical, eyeing the Captain::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::pulls the blanket over head when the alarm goes off
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::in office going over PADDs:::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::looks to Andros::
Victor Andros:  Commander.
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Cyanah Kaelyre:         This is maddening.
Victor Andros:  If, at any time, I attempt to kill any Romulans that I allow
on board this ship, please stun me.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::smirks slightly::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::runs a standard diagnostic on the tactical array - the
seventh one in the past six hours::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         If that was a joke, it wasn't very funny, sir.
Victor Andros:  ::falls rather un-gracefully into the chair::
Victor Andros:  I know.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I thought it was.  ::nodding absently::
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ElRiov trIdrys:         :::gets up and heads to replicator, fetches some 
tea, sips at it:::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (Stupid aim)
Cyanah Kaelyre:         You can cut the tension in here with a knife.
Victor Andros:  A butter knife.
Victor Andros:  That's rusty.
Victor Andros:  And dull.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; Jansug have you seen Sara?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Mmm.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::shakes head:: Sorry but I haven't. How come?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; She's late for her shift
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::goes over the targeting sensors::
OnlineHost:     Lt SamanthaMason has entered the room.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{S}}
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{Heya Sam!  ::Waves::}}
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (Hey Sam!)
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sighs:: I suppose I'll have to go and get her.
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((Hi Josh, Sara))
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Evening Sam )
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((Vic, Idrys, Cyanah)
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::checks torpedo compliment::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Heya&gt;&gt;
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; Can you duck?
ElRiov trIdrys:         If I must.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         (( Hi Sam! ))
Victor Andros:  But perhaps I'm exaggerating.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         I don't think so.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::chugs the rest of the tea, sets cup down, heads out to
TL:: Crew quarters. ::TL moves::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::sitting in her quarters... it's been a
while... and she's been on quite a hefty dose of medication to get her
hormonies and neuraltransmitters firing correctly again.
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; +Mason+ Sick bay to Mason
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::has also been getting back into shape,
eating three meals a day... and functioning a great deal better, but there's
just...something missing...:: +taps+ Mason here. 
Victor Andros:  Maybe it won't be too horrible.
Victor Andros:  Maybe there's just a infestation of fluffy bunnies that the
Romulans won't go near because they're cute and loveable.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::TL doors open::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::dryly:: I'm sure.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::dressed nicely for shift duty...:: 
Victor Andros:  True. They would've just beamed them into space.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; +Mason+ How are you feeling today, Lt.? 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::steps out and heads down corridor::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Yeah. ::sighs::
Victor Andros:  Maybe the rabbits have teeth!
Victor Andros:  Big, sharp teeth
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +Jenny+ Repressed, you?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::stops in front of Sara's door::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::laughs a bit::  And spiked fur.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rings chime::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +Jenny+ Anyhow, I'm ready to go back onto
shift... if you'd like to run a physical examination first, I'm fine with
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; +Mason+ Peachy. I just wanted to remind you to
stop by sick bay so we can check on your med levels
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;::Wonders why Sara's still asleep... what with Cy on
the bridge and all&gt;&gt;
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::paces::
Victor Andros:  ::*
Victor Andros:  Maybe there's an anti-Romulan field around some asteriod belt
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::half asleep hears the chime and groans.. from under 
pillow:: Sweetie someones at the door
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +Jenny+ Acknowledged, I'll be right now.
::takes a look at her hair in the mirror and steps to the door of her
quarters and out...::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sighs, rings again::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::thinking to herself:: &quot;I'm not ready for this
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::looks out from under the pillow when it rings again:: 
::looks around and sees no one:: Just a moment! 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::uncomfortable with the idea of other 
looking at her:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::hasn't gotten out much from her quarters 
the last few months::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::begins wondering about Jenny's query about ducking::
Victor Andros:  Mr. Asper, anything on sensors?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::throws on her robe and heads for the door cursing 
for over sleeping::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::checks the sensors::  Not currently, sir.  Would you
like me to run a Tachyon detection grid?  
Victor Andros:  That won't be neccessary
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Anti-Romulan, huh?  Where can I pick one of those up?
::taps the console again, looking at the recharge rates on the phaser
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::paces::
Victor Andros:  I don't know, but I'm sure if you find something, Starfleet
Command would love to hear about it.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::opens the door:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::enters sickbay and looks for a nurse or
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Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; ::sees Sam and smiles:: Nice to see you out 
about Lt. 
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Victor Andros:  ...
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (Aims eating them!)
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;What the hell?&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         Morning Sara. Jenny was asking where you were. She's 
Sickbay for now.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::steps aside to let him in:: Late night. I over slept
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: Maybe you should look into correcting that ...
sleep deprivation can have serious effects you know. The least being late for
your job.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::entering::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Everyone over sleeps from time to time, Jansug
ElRiov trIdrys:         I know.
ElRiov trIdrys:         You look like hell though. How long have you been 
staying up
this late though?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::gets coffee:: Gee thanks.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Sara, I'm just concerned. The Holy Rings forbid you get
called on the carpet one of these days because something went wrong as a
result of your not getting enough sleep.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (Can someone send Sarah a link)
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Not helping&gt;&gt;
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (stupid aim)
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OnlineHost:     *** You are in "CP One". ***
OnlineHost:     Now you can chat privately with AOL and Internet users.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        aol is such a pain
ElRiov trIdrys:         AOL and AIM can suck raw eggs at times
Victor Andros:  Fuck!!
Victor Andros:  ALright, well, sim's done.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ok
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ok
ElRiov trIdrys:         at least Sara didn't get to slamdunk Jansug one
ElRiov trIdrys:         ;)
Victor Andros:  LoL
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        :(
ElRiov trIdrys:         we tried
Victor Andros:  I'm soooo sick of this shit.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        summer is just not a good time for us
Victor Andros:  Never has been
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