<USS Banshee> "Reassured Doubts."

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"Reassured Doubts." 
By: Lt. SG. Sara Kaelyre

The small digital clock display on the replicator said 2:42am in its block 
style neon green numbers. Sara sighed as she rested her forehead against the 
cool, smooth surface of the interface. She hadn’t realized it was so late. 
never wanted this project of hers to take what little time she did have with 
Cyanah away from them, but the issues with Josh and the pending cross into 
Romulan space was forcing her to work on her project after her shifts. 

"Computer, tall glass of cold water with six ice cubes." Sara whispered as 
she lifted her head from the wall. She rubbed at her tired eyes as she waited 
for her glass of water but all that did was make them sting more. The water 
appeared on the shelf of the replicator and Sara picked it up. Bringing it to 
lips, she downed a fourth of it before making her way as quietly as possible 
into the bedroom. She sat the glass down on the coaster on her night stand and 
then stood there looking down at the curvy form of her wife beneath the hunter 
green comforter. 

Sara stood there a moment simply watching Cyanah sleep. She could tell by the 
way Cyanah was lying there, that she hadn’t been asleep long. Cyanah was 
still propped up on her pillows laying on her back with one hand on top of the 
book which rested on her chest and the other draped across the pillow near the 
top of her head. Sara walked over to Cyanah’s side of the bed and leaned 
just a bit and picked up the book, being careful not to wake her. She then 
closed the book softly with one hand while the other brushed a strand of long 
brilliant red hair from Cyanah’s closed eyes. After placing the book under 
’s cup of sh’sarri tea and stealing one more glance at her sleeping wife 
Sara headed into the bathroom. 

As the hot water beat down on her washing away the sterile antiseptic smell 
of her medical lab, Sara wondered not for the first time if what she was doing 
was the right thing to do. Where the risks worth the out come? She had yet to 
successfully restructure human cells to match those of Vulcan’s; nor had she 
had any better luck with restructuring Betazoid cells to match Delosian. 
Granted she’d only been at it a few weeks but her reading research had showed 
that most anti-ageing theories never panned out.  

The biggest question on her mind however was not about the work, or at least 
the physical part of it, the biggest thing that weighed on her mind was, if 
this was such a brilliant idea why did she feel she couldn’t share it with 
wife? Why was she so worried that Cyanah would react negatively about what she 
was up to? Surly Cyanah’d want Sara to find a why to give them more years 
together the way they were. She’d want Sara to grow old with her not ahead of 
Wouldn't she? She would understand that Sara only wanted what was best for 
them, to save her from having to wake up next to someone who looked like Sherry 
Lewis, or Charlotte Rae, or worse yet Estelle Gettey!

By the time Sara walked out of the bathroom wrapped in her big fluffy towel 
she’d managed to convince herself again that what she was trying to do would 
in the long run the best thing for them. She pushed all the doubts she had 
about what she was doing out of her mind as she dressed for bed and thought 
of how things would be better once she accomplished her goals. 

Sara pulled back the covers of the bed lightly and then sat down on it’s edge 
as softly as she could. She felt Cyanah shifting onto her side behind her and 
smiled despite her over worked mind. She drank down more of her water as she 
tried claming her thought even more so she would be able to sleep for a few 
hours, and then she slipped under the covers. Sara snuggled up against 
back and draped her arm over her waist wanting to be as close to her wife as 
she could get. Cyanah snuggled back and Sara smiled into the crook of 
neck. Yes, having many more nights together was worth it. 

Sara closed her eyes and settled in but opened them again when she heard a 
soft moan next to her. 

"mmmm... Love.... Your feet are cold.."

Sara smiled and whispered an apology, but when she went to move her legs 
Cyanah’s hand grabbed on to her thigh and kept it where it was. Sara never 
wanted to lose this and she’d be damned if anything even old age was going to 
take it away from her. 

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