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Over Drive
By Ensign Sara Crusher

Sara stepped off the turbo lift and walked down the hall towards her 
quarters. She smiled at crew members as she walked passed them, she was in an 
over all good mood. The party that the Captain had thrown last night had done 
a lot for morel. Both in the others and in herself. She couldn’t help but 
grin as she thought of Josh and Scooby singing karaoke and pulling not only 
her up to dance but Cyanah and Captain Morrigan as well. Sara laughed out 
loud as she opened her door as she recalled the very woman who’s simple gaze 
scared the hell out of her chanting her first name as Scooby pushed her up to 
the machine to sing. She enjoyed the chance to be relaxed last night, but she 
wondered if that relation is what caused the thoughts and feelings that she 
had been pondering all day.

Sara went about her normal routine as she settled into the evening hours. She 
lit her candles, put on one of her favorite music programs, (Bonnie Raitt was 
her choice this night), chanced out of her uniform and into a pair of shorts 
and an over sized t-shirt, ate a quick meal and then played with Gypsy and 
Tramp for a while. She now sat on her sofa with both small animals curled up 
on either side of her, reading letters from home. Or at least she held the 
padd in her hand that contained the letters from home. She hadn’t really been 
able to focus on much of anything all day long, except work. But when she wasn
’t fixing a broken bone, a bleeding nose and a dozen or so hangovers her mind 
always seemed to float back to the same question. What had changed, if 
anything, that was now allowing her to sense so much more then she had 
normally been able to?

Normally when something was bothering her, Sara would go to Anthony or show 
up on Cyanah’s door step. But in this case she really wanted to talk to 
someone who would understand the problem. There was always Dnalls, he was 
partially Betazoid and might understand, but he struck Sara as not being the 
late night talk kinda person. Sara sighed deeply as she stood up from the 
sofa. She needed answers and there was only one person to ask. She walked 
towards her desk as she called out to the computer. "Computer open a sub 
space channel." She sat in her chair tucking her legs under herself as she 
entered the proper codes to make a personal sub space call. 

Sara was pleasantly surprised when the image on the screen flickered into 
focus. She wasn’t expecting him. The man on the screen smiled at her and Sara 
could feel her heart take flight. 

"Daddy?!" She said as she smiled back. "What are you doing there?" 

The man on the screen smiled back at her. "Hey Jelly Bean." He said. Then he 
laughed, "I live here remember." 

"Yeah but I thought you were in the middle of some conference out on some 
planet near the borders." 

Jake Crusher sat back in his chair as he ran his hand through his wavy brown 
hair, with the graying sideburns. "I was but things fell into place once the 
head of the opposition was eaten."  

He laughed. "He went on a  wild life safari and didn’t listen when the guide 
said no flash photography."

Sara just shook her head. "Ok.. So does this mean you’ll be home for a 

Her father nodded his head and then looked at her, "So what’s up Jelly Bean?" 

"Not much... Is Mom there.. I need to talk to her?" 

Again Jake nodded his head. "She’s here.. What’s wrong?"

"Nothings wrong.. I just need to talk to Mom."

"Is it something I can help with?" Her father asked. 

Sara rolled her eyes. "It’s a betazed thing Daddy.. But there’s nothing 
wrong I just need to talk that’s all." 

Jake nodded again. He knew that when it came to that, being the completely 
human parent, he was an outsider. A few minutes later after exchanging I love 
yous with her father and grabbing a cup of mocha iced coffee from the 
replicater, Sara’s computer screen was once again graced with the appearance 
of her mother. 

"What’s wrong Little Girl... And please don’t tell me you’ve gotten in 
trouble with Morri." Her mother said as she looked into the screen. 

Morri? Sara thought to herself before turning her attention to her mother. 
"Nothings wrong.. Why is it when I call home there has to be something 

"Cause you only call home when something’s wrong or when something's 
bothering you. It’s not that boy is it. The on from your letters.."

Sara sighed again. "No Mom.. This is not about Josh.. But he is involved in 
away. Everyone around me is involved." 

Stephanie settled back in her chair, her own small hands wrapped around a mug 
that Sara knew contained coffee with a splash of amaretto, and wanted for 
Sara to began. 

"I think something’s changed, but I’m not sure. All I know is for some 
reason I have been on empathic overdrive lately and I don’t think I like it. 
Before I would have to focus on a person to read their emotions, or their 
thoughts. But lately I’ve just been getting them, out of now where, on their 
own. Boom an emotion, boom a thought or a voice. I tried to figure out way, I 
thought about it being because of the mood I was in. Like last night when I 
picked up on my friend Cy’s emotions. Or lack there of I should say. I was 
for the most part relaxed so I thought maybe it was because I was in a 
relaxed state that I picked up on the fact she wasn’t feeling the same way 
she normally does in that situation." 

Stephanie interrupted. "How do you know how she would normally feel." 

Sara’s face turned a pink. "The first couple of times I was around her I 
wanted to see if I could read a Delosian."

Stephanie nodded and Sara went on..

"Anyway... I was thinking about it today at lunch and I don’t think it has 
anything to do with my mood. Cause the first time it happened it was with the 
Captain. I was in her ready room and she was ranting.. Don’t ask.. But I felt 
something from her. Which really threw me for a loop cause I can’t normally 
read Bajorans at all." 

Again Stephanie cut in. "She’s half human Little Girl. You must have been 
able to read her because of that." 

"But I wasn’t trying to read her. That’s what really gets me. I haven’t 
trying to do any of this it just happens." Sara was starting to get flustered 
and it was showing in the way she was waving her hands around. 

"Can you still talk to Anthony telepathically?" Stephanie asked. 

Sara looked surprised. "Yes but what does he have to do with this." 

"Your use to having him around right. Your not uncomfortable with being able 
to read him, or me, or.."

It was Sara’s turn to butt in. "Anthony don’t count, we’re been together 
long that there is a special bond there. Besides he’s half Vulcan. And your 
my mother your the reason I can do this stupid shi....stuff anyway." 

Stephanie knew that in the young life of a Betazoid there comes a time when 
their abilities chance. And she knew that is what was happening to her 
daughter. They don’t change a lot, it’s more like becoming more focused. 
’s abilities have always been tied to being able to read people she has a 
bond or personal link with. Stephanie also knew that her daughter knew all of 
this as well and just needed to rant. Although she was quite sure that the 
major block that was stumping Sara from full realizing what was going on was 

"Exactly... your becoming use to the people around you. There presence is 
comforting to you." Stephanie tried to explain. 

"Ya but if it’s just from being around them so much, how come I never felt 
like this at the academy or while I worked my internship?" Sara asked as she 
set her cup down in order to pick up her kitten. 

Stephanie smiled, "Because those places where temporary and you new that. The 
Banshee is home." 

Sara simply sighed and then grinned. 

"Look Little Girl. This is something your going to have to work though on 
your own. Only you can decide how to handle the way you use what is apart of 
you like it or not. As much as I wish I could, this is not a Mommy fixable 

Again Sara sighed, then she nodded in agreement. "I know." 

They talked for a while longer and then Sara ended the call. She went back to 
the sofa and lied down. She started out the window above her at the starts as 
the streaked by. There where so many questions still floating around her 
head. Be she figured that the answers would come soon enough. 

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