<USS Banshee> "On the Trail of a Mystery."

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"On the Trail of a Mystery." 
By. Lt. Sg. Sara Kaelyre

Senior Staff meeting, three crew evolutions, five new crewmen physicals, and 
a two hour laser surgery and it wasn’t even one o’clock yet. Lunch had been 
skipped and coffee hadn’t been had since the staff meeting at 0800. This was 
turning out to be one of those days where Sara knew she’d end up spending an 
hour in the sonic shower trying to distress from it. 

‘Coffee,’ She thought to herself as she made her way to her office. ‘must 
have coffee!’ 

Sara walked into her office and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw 
Jenny sitting on her desk holding the sliver engraved frame that held one of 
favorite wedding pictures in it. "The frame was a gift from my Aunt Beverly." 
Sara said as she made her way to the replicator. "Coffee, double cream, 
hazelnut flavoring, hot."

Jenny smiled as she looked down at the picture. "It must have been 

"It was." Sara said with that bright newlywed smile. "It was even better then 
we’d planned cause it was at Cy’s home with our families there." 

"You two look so happy, much better then when you were fighting with your 
grandmother." Jenny laughed but Sara rolled her eyes as she took her mug from 
replicator shelf. "Ok, I met your brother so I know that’s him, and I’m 
guessing that the old guy in the picture is your dad, and the blonde that looks 
like you is your mother, right? Or is it the red head?" 

Jenny pointed to someone on the picture that Sara couldn’t see so she started 
to walk across the room to see who Jenny was pointing at since there were 
three red heads in the picture other then herself and Cy. "The red head 
next to my dad is my Aunt Beverly." 

 "Ahh, ok, so  then the three women standing closest to the Commander I’m 
guessing are her sisters, and the guy is her brother?" 

Sara blinked from over the rim of her coffee mug. "Huh? Her sisters?" For a 
moment she wondered what picture Jenny was looking at and then when she looked 
down at the picture she shook her head and chuckled. "Those aren’t Cy’s 
sisters. She only has one sister. Her." Sara pointed to Dheerah, who was 
behind Cy. Then she pointed to Ryssah and Trallah who were standing next to Cy 
and smiled. "Those are her mothers, and yes the guy is her brother." 

 "Your kidding!" Jenny said with a squeal. "Those are her parents?" 

"Um, yeah." Sara looked at Jenny as if she had just grown a second head. 

Jenny laughed as she looked down at the picture again. "They look as if they’
re in what, their early thirties?"

‘Not this again,’ Sara thought as she took the picture from Jenny and put 
back in it’s place on her desk. "Delosians age at a slower rate remember." 

Jenny nodded as she switched from sitting on Sara’s desk to sitting in the 
chair in front of it. "Yeah but I didn’t think it worked like that." Jenny 
laughed again. "Man are you going to be one lucky old gal." 

Sara scrunched her nose and narrowed her eyes in a way that told Jenny she 
didn’t get it, which man Jenny laugh harder. Finally Sara just shook her 
"Was there a reason you where in here waiting or do you often go nosin’ 
my office while I’m out of it?" 

Sensing it was time to switch gears Jenny quickly became more professional. 
"We’ve pulled the replicator logs form all three of the replicators that can 
produce that particular neural suppressant." Jenny pulled a padd from her 
pocket and started to tap on it as she gave her report. "It was an 
unauthorized request." 

Sara sighed. "Which means we don’t have access codes to go on." 

"Yeap, and to make it even more of a mystery the request was manually 
entered. No voice command recorded." Jenny added. 

This wasn’t looking to be as easy as Sara had hoped it would be. She hadn’t 
been able to figure out why anyone would replicate nerolapizine on accident, 
and there were no records of a patient being treated with it, or even being 
treated for symptoms close to what the narcotic was used for. She’d talked to 
most of her staff since Jenny told her about finding the vile, and she’d 
to Jansug as well. Her staff confirmed that no one had treated anyone for 
anything that would require the enigmatic pathways of the brain to be blocked, 
Jansug wasn’t seeing anyone suffering from hallucinations. So why would 
need a vile of nerolapizine? 

Sara didn’t want to even think about the possibly that someone on the ship 
was abusing the drug. It was a narcotic, but any doctor worth their weight knew 
how to treat someone with it carefully enough to avoid addiction, but there 
was always that slim chance. There were several new crewmen on board after all 
and any number of them could have issues she and Jansug knew nothing about yet 

"We do have something though." Jenny said, bringing Sara out of her thoughts. 

"Go on." Sara replied. 

"There is a record showing that the nerolapizine was replicated twice, both 
times being unauthorized. The first time was on stardate 238004.01 at 1737 
hours and the second was 2314 hours the same night, same rep."

Sara reached back and rubbed the back of her neck where a knot was starting 
to form. "Ok, 238004.01 was the night of the crew party on the holodeck. Who 
was on duty that night?" 

"Doctors Hudson and Garcia  were the MDs on duty, Hovick, Judd, and Spencer 
were the nurses, and I was here as well." Jenny answered. 

Sara nodded. She’d talked to them all already but would speak with them 
again. "And you didn’t see any one near the replicater that shouldn‘t have 

"Not a single person, but I went home around 2200." 

"Alright," Sara said before pausing to think. "what was replicated just 
before and just after the nerolapizine and by who?" 

Jenny tapped on her padd for a moment and then read off the information. 
"Nurse Judd replicated dexalin before the first replication of nerolapizine, 
after Doctor Hudson replicated cordrazine." Sara took notes as Jenny went on. 
"Before the second time, Nurse Spencer replicated cortolin, and after," Jenny 
paused and looked up. 


"After the second time, you replicated ibuprofen." Jenny told her. 

Her mind quickly went back to that night after the party and Sara nodded. 
"Lt. Asper came in with a headache while I was here looking for my Rascal 
music program." Something clicked in Sara’s mind and she didn’t like where 
the thought was going. "Jenny, are you sure that it wasn’t some kind of birth 
control that was replicated just after the nerolapizine?"

Jenny shook her head. "No, though Spencer and I had replicated some earlier 
that day. We had it set out on a medical tray waiting for Doctor Hudson’s 
appointment with Ensign McEntire. Why do you ask?" 

"Just something I need to look into." Sara picked up a blank padd and started 
filling out the orders she was about to give Jenny. "Until we get this dealt 
with; day to day meds will have to come from the public access reps, cause I 
want all three of those medical replicators locked down and restricted. Only 
the shift heads are allowed access aside from ourselves, no one else can use 
those, including the command staff for now. And no one, not even us, gets 
anything out of those three reps, without first entering their access codes."

Sara paused as she looked up at Jenny. "I also want logs downloaded daily and 
on my desk every morning so I can see if anyone else is trying to access 
those reps since the medical staff will know about the lock down. I want the 
lockdown kept classified within the medical department as well. Make sure 
knows this is not to be discussed over dinner with friends and what not. I 
also want a trace put on nerolapizine and any other drug that matches it’s 
compound and or use, in case someone attempts to replicate it else where, and 
stays between us."

"Gottcha, and consider it done."  Jenny said as she took the padd from Sara. 

Sara nodded as she reached over and turned on her computer. "Good, 
dismissed." Sara didn’t even watch Jenny leave. She was already calling up 
files and 
making notes. She had work to do. 

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