<USS Banshee> "Mistakes"

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By Lt. Sg. Sara Kaelyre

Just as it always did, the real world came back into play in Sara’s life. 
Although still newlyweds the honeymoon was officially over and it was time to 
back to work. Sara sat at her desk looking over the mounds of padds that had 
piled up on her desk while she had been gone. She was relieved to see that 
sick bay could indeed run for a short time with out her, although Ensign Song 
come in twice as many times with an assortment of objects up his nose, but 
she wouldn’t hold that against her staff. 

The only problems she saw as she looked over the information in front of her 
was that she had yet to meet the new members of her staff that had come aboard 
while they were at the star base, and then there was the issue of Jenny 
finding a full vile of a very strong neural suppressant on the floor under a 
counter. She was having the main medical replicator logs pulled to see who had 
replicated the medicine, but until Jenny had that information for her, access 
that replicator would be even more restricted then it already was. 

She understood that people made mistakes, but Sara would not tolerate having 
narcotic medication  so carelessly handled in her sick bay, so her entire 
staff would be given a refresher on the proper ways of handling medical 
innovatory, and drugs. And once the person who replicated the vile was found, 
well they’d find out just how much Sara had learned from Captain Morrigan.

The soft musical sound that was programmed into her door chime caused Sara to 
look up from the orders she’d just signed off on. "Come." She called out as 
she set the padd aside. 

A young woman with curly chestnut hair walked into Sara’s office holding yet 
another padd. Sara was really starting to dislike the sight of padds. She gave 
the young woman a quick look over and judged from her age, her uniform, and 
the fact Sara had never seen her before, that she was one of the new nurses. 
Sara’s mind did a quick flash though the list of new crewmen files to 
put a name to the face. 

"Excuse my interruption, Doctor Kaelyre." 

Sara smiled warmly at the young woman. One of the ups of getting new people 
was that they didn’t have to get use to the name change. Half of the people 
d been with her for a while were still walking around calling her ‘Doctor 
Crush...Er.. Kaelyre’.

"It’s quite alright Nurse," Sara paused a moment and then smiled at herself 
as the name came to her. "Hovick. What can I do for you?" 

The young woman returned Sara’s smile shyly. "Well, Ma’am, Chief Nurse 
Bartlett asked me to update the files of the command staff after their recent 

One of the downs of new crewmen was that they were always so formal. 
Especially the ones fresh out of the academy. ‘God was I ever that bad?’ 
Sara asked 
as she watched the young nurse fidget with the padd in her hand. Finally Sara 
nodded to let the young woman know to go on. 

"Well Ma’am, I was up dating Commander Kaelyre’s file and I found a mistake 
in her personal data, Ma’am." 

Sara raised an eye brow at the mention of a mistake in Cyanah’s file. It must 
have been something very recent if she’d never caught it before. "What kind 
of mistake, Nurse?" 

The young woman stepped closer to Sara’s desk but still maintained a safe and 
respectful distance. "Well Ma’am, her date of birth is wrong." 

"Her date of birth?" Sara repeated as her head jerked back slightly in 
surprise. Why would anyone change Cyanah’s birthday? 

Nurse Hovick nodded and offered the padd she held to Sara. "Yes Ma’am. You 
see the file has the Commander’s date of birth down as Stardate 231803.17." 

Sara took the padd but replied before looking at it. "March 17th, 2318. That’
s not a mistake, Nurse Hovick, that is the Commander’s correct date of 

The young nurse looked totally baffled and Sara had to try hard not to laugh. 
She looked down at the padd in her hand and skimmed the information anyway. 
The date was correct, as was all the other information. Then she looked back up 
at Nurse Hovick who had her head cocked to the side like a Jack Russell 
Terrier trying to figure out where the other dog in the mirror came from. 

"But Ma’am, if that date of birth is correct that would make the 

"62 in terran years." Sara said cutting off the young nurse. This bit of 
information seemed to confuse the young woman even more. 

"But Ma’am, the Commander can’t be more then a day over 22 if that. Are you 
sure this isn‘t a mistake?" 

It was becoming increasingly more difficult to hold back the laugh that 
tickled the back of Sara’s throat. "Don’t you think that I would know my 
own wife’
s birthday and age, Nurse Hovick?" 

Nurse Hovick’s cheeks reddened and she dropped her head so she was looking at 
the carpet. "Of course Ma’am, I didn’t mean to imply.. It’s just, well, 
s just she doesn’t look, I mean she looks like, I mean.." Hovick lifted her 
head to look at Sara again and Sara could just see the wheels spinning. 
never know there was such an age difference between you.. I mean, wow, My 
grandmother is in her 60s! And believe me Ma‘am you can tell she‘s old." 

Sara couldn’t hold back any longer and finally laughed, but she made sure to 
do it softly since she didn‘t want to make it seem as if she was poking fun 
the poor girl, she was new after all. "First off Nurse Hovick, 62 isn’t old, 
not even for a human. Second of all the reason the Commander doesn’t look a 
day over 22 is because her spices of humanoid ages much closer to the way 
s do. If you’ll take a second look at the Commander’s file you’ll see 
mention of sub-files on her spices. If I were you Nurse, I’d not only look 
over the 
medical data bank files on Delosians carefully, but also any other spices that 
we have on this ship that you may not be failure with." 

"Of course, Doctor Kaelyre. I’ll do just that over lunch. I apologize for 
making the assumption."

Sara quickly lifted her hand to stop her. "Don’t apologize Nurse Hovick. 
glad you were perceptive enough to catch what you naturally thought was a 
mistake based on what you knew at the time. No harm done." Sara smiled warmly 
the young nurse which seemed to reassure her a bit. "Now then, Nurse Hovick, 
d like you to inform all new staff members that I want to meet with all of 
you in the conference room in forty-five minutes, and also tell Jenny," The 
of confusion returned to Hovick’s face and Sara smiled again. "Jenny would be 
Chief Nurse Bartlett. Inform her I’d like to speak with her ASAP." 

Nurse Hovick nodded as she went to attention. "Aye aye, Ma’am. And thank you 
for your understanding, Ma’am." 

"Your welcome Nurse.. Your dismissed." Sara nodded and smiled at the young 
woman who smiled back then headed for the door. Once she was alone in her 
again she sighed in relief and then laughed again. She’d half expected the 
girl to solute her. 

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